The Key to Engagement: Giving Consumers a Choice in Advertising



Congrats Hulu — welcome to the club.

You may have heard that Hulu announced a “no commercials” plan to complement their current ad-supported service. Hulu’s Senior VP of Ad Sales and former IAB Board Chair Peter Naylor explained it best, “People who avoid ads at all costs were never going to do business with Hulu to begin with, so now we have an entry point to them.” Same with Boingo!

We think offering different levels of service is smart. We’ve been offering tiers of service that work for everyone for some time now — and by doing so, we let our customers make the choice based on their own needs. If you want free Wi-Fi, watch an ad first. Or if you prefer ad-free Wi-Fi, you can purchase a day or month pass instead.

With free Wi-Fi, the consumer understands the value exchange. So advertisers get a highly engaged and receptive audience who doesn’t mind seeing an ad, because they’ve opted in. Free Wi-Fi for viewing an ad? Yes, please!

We let people connect the way they want to connect. Just like Hulu lets people watch the way they want to watch. And we both have super engaged audiences for our targeted advertising platforms.

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Andrew is Boingo Media’s marketing manager. When not admiring his spastic, one-eyed, roller derby she-cat Beazles, Andrew spends much of his free time training for fun runs, perfecting his guacamole recipe and pining for cupcakes.
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