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DAS Networks for College Stadiums & Arenas: The Key to Transforming Fan Experiences & Operations

By Team Boingo
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When it comes to college football, the excitement in the air and the crowd’s energy is powerful. While college stadiums and arenas are the heart and soul of a university’s sports culture, many of these venues are also multi-use entertainment hubs for the entire surrounding community and serve as the home for concerts, festivals, entertainment events and more. These powerhouse locations demand reliable, high-capacity cellular coverage to enhance the fan experience, enable dynamic productions, and maintain facility operations. To ensure robust cellular connectivity, university leadership should consider distributed antenna systems (DAS) to improve wireless coverage.

In this guide, we discuss DAS, why they are important for college stadiums and arenas, their benefits, and how Boingo can meet connectivity goals.



People arrive at a college game with one thing – their phone. It’s their ticket, their wallet and how they stay in touch. DAS helps power mobile devices, connecting fans with fast, dependable cellular service.

Fans rely upon uninterrupted connectivity to share their experiences on social media, stream instant replays, and communicate with fellow enthusiasts. Low latency connectivity via DAS allows fans to know the down and distance instantly and share commentary on social media in real-time. Strong, reliable wireless connectivity is also essential for athletes, coaches, performers, vendors, and staff. Vendor operations like mobile ticketing and retail transactions leverage DAS for uninterrupted service and facilities management can use DAS to power security systems.



DAS networks provide many benefits to college stadiums and arenas, including:

Enhanced fan experience
DAS provides consistent, reliable wireless connectivity so fans can stay connected through social media, texting, sharing photos and videos, streaming replays and more. DAS also enables the creation of interactive fan experiences through mobile apps and online communities that enhance their connection to the team, game, and event.

Improved operations
DAS streamlines stadium operations, supporting digital transformation and powering applications like mobile ticketing and food & beverage transactions. DAS can also help employees stay connected throughout the stadium to coordinate maintenance and cleaning and ensure everything runs smoothly during an event.

Increased security & safety
Safety is paramount at every public gathering. With reliable and secure connectivity, emergency personnel and first responders can communicate and quickly respond to any issues.



Selecting a DAS partner for your college stadium and arena is an important decision. Boingo, a leader both on and off the field, has a track record of delivering cutting-edge DAS solutions for universities including the University of Houston, Kansas State University and the University of Arizona.

Here are five differentiating features of Boingo DAS solutions:

  1. Neutral host – Boingo’s DAS networks improve wireless access regardless of carrier, so everyone gets the same great experience in the stadium.
  2. Expertise – Boingo has over 20 years of experience as a leading provider of indoor DAS in the United States and has worked with some of the world’s most storied sports and entertainment venues. The company has successfully deployed DAS in highly dense environments and can ensure your college stadium gets the best possible connectivity solution.
  3. Relationships – Boingo has deep relationships with Tier 1 wireless providers to drive maximum carrier participation and achieve the highest quality of wireless connectivity for all users.
  4. End-to-end – Boingo’s comprehensive solutions involve design, installation, maintenance, and 24/7/365 monitoring. Boingo’s solution also includes on-demand analytics to provide real-time insights into performance and demand.
  5. Future focused – Technology evolves rapidly, and Boingo understands the importance of future-proofing wireless connectivity investments. Boingo is committed to research and development to ensure networks are designed to meet the demands of the future. We have upgraded our stadium partner networks from 3G to 4G to 5G and have a constant eye on the future.

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The benefits of DAS are extensive, ranging from a great fan experience and revenue generation to improved safety and data-driven decision-making. To transform your college stadium and arena, contact Boingo.