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“Throughout the entire hiring and onboarding process, I felt very connected to HR and my own team.”
- Derek Keasling, Senior Wi-Fi Design Engineer


How Boingo Wireless Helps Employees Grow Their Careers

By Team Boingo
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For new employees joining Boingo, there is genuine excitement about the company’s global footprint, which powers 5G connectivity at sports stadiums, airports, transportation hubs, entertainment venues, military bases and more.

The complex work behind providing large venues with wireless capabilities is what Senior Wi-Fi Design Engineer Derek Keasling was recruited to help develop. Staff talent aside, projects with so many moving pieces necessitates collaborative teamwork. Fortunately, Boingo’s technical prowess is also reflected in the way the company integrates new hires like Keasling without friction.

“Throughout the entire hiring and onboarding process, I felt very connected to HR and my own team,” Keasling recalled. “I greatly appreciate that both HR and my team were open to collaborating with me and sharing helpful tips and information along the way.”

As a design engineer, Keasling travels on-site to get direct insight into a venue’s infrastructure and connectivity needs. At work, he’s supported by a talented crew with whom he’s eager to build connections and share knowledge.

Though he just joined the Boingo team, Keasling is already looking toward his career taking off with the company. “Considering my most recent background is with a Wi-Fi manufacturer, it’s nice to work at a neutral-host technology company and get to see other products on the market,” he said.

Boingo knows that its business thrives with hires that have adequate space and support to hit the ground running. Built In, an online community for tech companies and candidates, recently sat down with Keasling to get his first impressions of his new company.


What pleasantly surprised you after you joined the company?

I was really happy with the number of effective communication tools available to us, such as Yammer groups, employee resource groups, mentoring programs and more. Also, employee engagement has been impressive for events like the Boingo Halloween contest and Counter Strike GO gaming competitions. The various activities besides work are nice to have.


When did you know you made the right choice in joining your company?

I felt confident about Boingo once I discovered the company. After my first interview, I knew this was the company and team I wanted to work with. We connected well on several, if not all, topics during the interview and continue to do so, as I am now an official Boingoite! What made it click is how smart and knowledgeable the Boingo engineering team is.


How have you hit the ground running since you joined and what are you most excited to accomplish over the next quarter or year?

Within my first two weeks I obtained the iBwave Wi-Fi certification, which is an application we use to model Wi-Fi designs for projects. Within the first four weeks, I had already started on military and venue project design, including traveling to Houston to work on a professional football stadium. I’m excited to complete my first major project from end-to-end within the next six months to a year, which involves a site walk, team evaluation, RFP award, project design and iteration tweaking, final proposed design approval and getting a fully functioning quality converged wireless network in place.

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