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“The speed, the availability, the reliability of a network can significantly impact the hospital's ability to deliver timely and effective care.”
– Dr. Sadeghian


Healthcare Webinar: Putting Digital Transformation into Action at Your Hospital

By Team Boingo
  • Video
  • 1 hour watch


5G technologies are driving digital transformation in healthcare, improving patient outcomes and hospital operations. Boingo’s latest webinar with HIMSS features an actionable and engaging discussion between Chief Medical Information Officer and informatics expert Dr. Ryan Sadeghian and Boingo’s in-house healthcare expert, Kate Wickham. The webinar is available on-demand now.


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Join the webinar to:

  • Discover the digital use cases revolutionizing patient care in hospitals
  • Receive the hospital CIO’s guide to building a reliable wireless network for today’s digital equipment
  • Explore 5G use cases and their transformative impact on patient outcomes and hospital operations
  • Get answers to your frequently asked questions about cybersecurity, data ownership, 5G adoption, Wi-Fi and more

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