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Hospital DAS: Why Healthcare Facilities Need a Robust DAS Network

By Team Boingo
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Healthcare facilities rely upon layered connectivity solutions to modernize their operations and provide the best patient care. One of the most critical components of a layered connectivity solution is a distributed antenna system (DAS). This guide discusses the importance of robust DAS solutions for hospitals and explains how Boingo’s DAS solutions can support connectivity demands.



Hospitals are expansive facilities built of thick walls and complex layouts. These conditions thwart cellular signals and create dead and drop zones. Healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors need reliable and strong cellular signals for communication everywhere in the hospital.

Through a network of antennas strategically placed to disseminate cellular signals, DAS provides reliable, uninterrupted connectivity throughout healthcare facilities. DAS ensures that text, voice, image, and video data can be transmitted successfully. This is crucial for critical areas like emergency departments, operating rooms, and intensive care units where continuous communication is essential for patient care.



DAS healthcare solutions facilitate many essential capabilities for hospitals, including the following:


Digitize Patient Care

DAS provides reliable, consistent cellular coverage allowing staff members and patients to use mobile devices to access patient records, communicate with other staff, and more. DAS also supports the use of telemedicine and provides access to educational resources and entertainment while waiting for care during a hospital stay.


Enhance Hospital Operations

DAS can help staff members stay connected and productive by streamlining department communication. DAS enables secure messages, electronic referrals, and real-time access to patient data. It allows teams to streamline workflows by automating processes like patient registration, scheduling, documentation, and billing. DAS can also ensure critical medical devices have secure and strong connections.


Drive Efficient Resource Management

DAS powers tools for managing resources such as beds, staffing, and inventory. With the rapid expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), many sensors need high bandwidth and low latency for tracking and data analysis. DAS powers the collection of real-time information and improves asset management while lowering the cost.


Provide a Neutral Host

Hospitals are filled with many different devices that need to communicate with one another, such as medical devices, electronic health record systems, patient monitoring systems, asset tracking sensors, and many more. On top of that, staff, patients, and visitors have their own devices that need cellular connectivity, and all connect through different carriers. DAS can broadcast cellular signals for all Tier 1 carriers, providing a platform that boosts all carriers. Neutral host DAS networks connect disparate devices within one network infrastructure, simplifying complexity and allowing for seamless communication and interoperability. Plus, the neutral host allows for scalability and agility that more exclusive or rigid networks could not support.


Improve the Patient Experience

DAS makes it easy for patients to stay connected with loved ones, access online resources, stream entertainment to help pass the time, receive updates about test results, manage appointments, and receive appointment or medication reminders. This is empowering and can reduce patient anxiety while improving overall patient satisfaction.


Enable Virtual Services

DAS is crucial for hospitals to be able to provide virtual services. DAS enables telehealth and remote patient monitoring so that patients can receive high-quality patient care from anywhere. It ensures healthcare professionals can communicate with patients located anywhere, remotely transmit medical data, and hold video appointments without connectivity issues.



As mobile data usage skyrockets, technologies like DAS networks improve the coverage and capacity of cell service at your hospital. A DAS network helps boost cellular coverage in heavily trafficked healthcare facilities, improves wireless network access for everyone – regardless of carrier – boosts signal strength, and increases network capacity for voice and data users alike.

With over 20 years of experience, Boingo is among the largest providers of indoor DAS in the U.S. Our deep relationships with Tier 1 wireless providers drive maximum carrier participation. We manage DAS networks end-to-end with a comprehensive solution that includes design, installation, operation, maintenance, and 24/7/365 monitoring.

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