Got 2012 New Year’s Goals? 4 Tips To Stay Tenacious and Turn Those Goals Into Reality

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”
-George Eliot, English novelist

The holiday parties are over. We now find ourselves back in the office and back in the old routine. But remember when the clock struck midnight on the 31st? I’m guessing you raised a glass of the bubbly, made a toast to the new year, and declared something along the lines of, “May 2012 be the best ever!”

Well, how’s that going for you so far?

Making 2012 the best year ever won’t happen simply because you proclaimed it. It only becomes a reality when you define what will make 2012 “the best year” and then set the goals to make it happen.

As you might have guessed, I have a few thoughts on how to accomplish your goals:

1. Write Down Your Goals

Thinking about what you want to accomplish is far less effective than putting it in writing. There is plenty of evidence that the act of writing down goals and regularly looking at them result in a stronger commitment to the goals and serves to keep one on track towards meeting his goals.

2. Personalize Your Goals

Goals have to be yours – not what you think someone else wants you to do, or what you think you should do. Goals aren’t just things you want but but rather things you feel you need. With that sort of genuine passion, commitment will follow.

3. Establish Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

That big dream you want to accomplish (you remember, the one that will make 2012 the best ever?) may take you all year. Stay focused on the end-goal by setting short-term goals along the way. Each short-term goal will be a step in the right direction towards accomplishing the long-term goal and making your next New Year’s celebration a great one.

4. Expect Failures

When tackling big, challenging goals, we don’t always get it right straightaway. You may miss the target at some point. But never use failure as an excuse to give up on the goal. Simply step back, brush yourself off, figure out what you can learn from the failure, and try again. And again. And as many times as you need to in order to nail it.

Your goals may be related to any part of your life. Think about what would make 2012 the best ever, set the goals, write them down, and then get to work.

What is your big goal for 2012? Feel free to share your New Year’s aspiration(s) and ask me any questions about the challenges you face.

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Cherie Gruenfeld, Boingo's official butt-kicker, is an Ironman age group champion and world record holder. She is a grand masters triathlete — a sport in which she didn't even start competing in until her 40s — proving that top fitness is achievable at any age. She has raced in more than 25 Ironman triathlons, has 18 wins overall, and has won her age group at the Ironman World Championships a whopping 13 times. She's also an incredible fitness coach with great insights on goal setting and fitness on the road. Have a question for Cherie? Email her at You can also learn more about her non-profit organization, Exceeding Expectations on Facebook.
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One Response to Got 2012 New Year’s Goals? 4 Tips To Stay Tenacious and Turn Those Goals Into Reality

  1. Julie says:

    One of my 2012 goals is to finish my first sprint triathlon on March 3 with some semblance of dignity. It’ll take a lot of planning…