Tech & Travel Gift Recommendations From Boingo Superfans

Looking for last-minute holiday gifts, either for yourself or a special someone? We polled expert techies and travelers — Boingo superfans — for some super-fabulous tech and travel gift ideas.

Got gift suggestions of your own? Help out the Boingo community and post your recommendation in the comments section!

“My favorite travel bag is the Deluxe Rolling Tote with Computer Sleeve for all your carry-on essentials. You can find it at and receive an extra 15% off by using my discount code: THEFLYINGPINTO15.” –Sara Pinto Keagle

“I’m currently in love with the ZaggSparq portable power charger. When I travel or when I’m at work, I don’t have to SEARCH for a plug!! I also have the Zaggfolio iPad keyboard, which “fits” well and comes in cool colors.” –Shelby Meredith Rogers

“One of my favorite gadgets that is in my travel case at all times is the handy power bar/surge protector by Belkin. It turns any hotel room outlet, even the one on the desk lamp, into three power outlets. It also gives you two USB outlets to charge all those electronic devices that travel with you. Playbook, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry can all be charged and they are protected from power surges while they charge. A must-have for me when I am on the road and a steal at $19.99!! I actually own two of them!!” –Chris Volick

“I highly recommend the Kindle Touch. I own it and love it. It’s compact, lightweight, really easy to setup. It comes already personalized with your name on it. It only takes me a few minutes to figure out how to connect via the WiFi and purchase ebooks.” –Aditya Wresniyandaka

Aglove Touchscreen Gloves (what I call my “Twitter Gloves”) are my must-have gift item. I love the fact that I don’t have to mess with fingertips, or worry about what part of the glove works. It all does. I am currently using the Sports Agloves, and have also tested and reviewed the regular gloves. I’m also digging the Fitbit, a nifty device that tracks my every move, even while I sleep. As a data person, I love knowing how many steps I’ve taken every day, how many calories I’ve burned, and how well I’ve slept. Being able to compare my data over time helps, too.”-Karen Lopez

“My number one travel gift is a luggage scale. I have this one made by Salter. They make traveling a lot less stressful because you can pack your bag and then weigh it and you know right away if you need to move things around to avoid excess baggage charges — no more last-minute packing at the bag drop desk or surprise excess baggage fees. The scale shows kilos and pounds, and it’s small and light.” –Clarissa Dench

“I’ve always wanted a portable wireless router, like an Apple Airport Express. It’s small, light and would have come in handy for me more than once. It’s great for when a hotel or other location (like a trade show) only has wired internet and you want/need wireless.” –Jeb Brilliant

“I travel frequently for business and have to carry a variety of gadgets, cords and gizmos with me. The Grid-It Organizer keeps everything organized and makes it really easy to swap bags when necessary.” –Lynn Ellison

“I’m getting my hubby a RIM Playbook for Christmas (shhh, it’s a secret!). The sale was too good to pass up and at 7 inches, it’s the perfect size for our next trip! Much easier than lugging around my laptop and the reviews from my co-workers have been very positive (at least five purchased Playbooks when they had their big sale). Also, my Olympus 12 Megapixel Stylus Tough-3000 Digital Camera is a purchase I don’t regret buying last year. It’s economical, rugged, waterproof and shockproof. Though I love my Nikon, this Olympus is perfect at the beach or in conditions where I don’t want to worry about my expensive camera.” –Kelly Osmond

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3 Responses to Tech & Travel Gift Recommendations From Boingo Superfans

  1. Ernie Blanchard says:

    The Scottevest is an awesome accessory for traveling. I purchased one for Christmas. Check it out!

  2. Karen says:

    Great list. I have and use most of those items.

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