Apps For Keeping Track of Your Business Expenses


How many business travelers out there dread doing expense reports? We’re guessing most of you would rather skip it. Well, we’d love to propose a magical solution that saves you completely from expense reports but short of that, we found a few apps that might ease the process.

Bright Hub, a great community site for all things technology, ranked their top expense tracker apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Try out one of the apps and let us know if it eases your expense reporting pains.

Top iPhone Expense Tracker Apps

  • Expenditure: “Record what you buy and the amount of money it costs with Expenditure.” Cost: $1.99
  • iXpenseIt: “…great for tracking daily expenses and for maintaining a monthly budget…features an expense summary that details the total monthly expense, the average daily expense, and the most costly items.” Cost: $4.99
  • iWallet: “… tracks your expenses and income. You can record your expenses for the day and view the amount you have spent over a week. The app maintains expense records on a monthly and yearly basis as well.” Cost: $2.99
  • CashTrails: “… record your daily expenses and organize them into easily accessible categories. Include a note with the transaction and upload a picture if you like.” Cost: $4.99
  • MileBug: “…specifically designed to record the expenses associated with driving. You can track the miles driven for work, charities, and medical reasons. The app incorporates the tax deduction rate per mile driven.” Cost: $2.99

Top Android Expense Tracker Apps

  • Cashbook: “…tracks expenses, income, mileage, and taxes. Create multiple accounts and categories to organize your expenses. Cost: $4.99
  • Droid Wallet: “Keep track of how much you spend on food, clothing, transportation, and other expenses…has separate lists for expenses and income. Compare expenses with a budget over a week, month, or bi-weekly…supports multiple currencies.” Cost: FREE
  • Expense Manager: “Enter transactions into the app and record the type of purchase, the price, the type of payment, the business the item was purchased from, and the date. You can schedule recurring payments and receive payment alerts on the scheduled day.” Cost: FREE
  • EasyMoney: “Not only is it an expense tracker, it is also a budget planner and bill reminder. Record your expenses right from the home screen…Launch the app for a detailed summary of your expenses.” Cost: FREE
  • Expensify – Expense Reports: “…records transactions and generates expense reports. You can even be reimbursed for expenses by exporting expense reports to clients. The app has an option to upload photos, which is great for taking pictures of receipts.” Cost: FREE

Top Blackberry Expense Tracker Apps

  • Tax Receipts Shoebox: “…a perfect app if you have many receipts and need them for possible deductions—whether it’s business or personal….you can take a camera shot of the receipt, add amounts, and even time spent if you plan on billing or tracking that time. Upload your receipts to Quickbooks and even Sales Force!” Cost: $2.99
  • ProOnGo Expense With Receipt Reader: “…receipt and expense tracker…Use your BB camera and the app extracts the receipt amount instantly along with the name of the merchant and date of expense. All saved receipts are pulled into generated reports you can customize. You can export all receipts to MS Excel, QuickBooks Pro, e-mail or even fax to telephone numbers in North America.” Cost: FREE
  • Expensify Expense Report: “…Instead of a camera receipt, you can upload credit card charges via e-mail with the app’s eReceipts feature and send other receipts via PDF files. It offers an export feature to Quickbooks. While it says you can “scan receipts on the go,” this app is a little limited. For example each uploaded receipt must be $75 or under and the entire app will only track expenses up to $10,000 annually.” Cost: FREE
  • Expense Log Pro: “Expenses and receipts can be uploaded via e-mail or via the BB camera. Expense Log Pro offers detailed expense reports and also has a currency converter.” Cost: FREE for 30 days, $9.99 per year
  • miBudget: “…Although the app says it’s great for business use, it’s more of a personal receipt tracking, and budget organizer that is absolutely awesome…expenses can be categorized easily because you’re choosing the ‘type’ of expense with a little icon before entering information. Print out or e-mail receipt tracker reports for any expense category such as home expenses, medical or school expenses…” Cost: $4.99



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  1. Tjay says:

    Extra Mile – iPhone app is most easy to use to keep log of your gas and mileage expenses. It also helps you in improving your driving as it stores your driving patterns that can be analyzed later.