Wi-Fi Phone for Skype


Jonathan B. Spira reviews Ipevo’s new Wi-Fi Phone for Skype as part of Business Traveler’s “Tech Front.”

“The tiny Ipevo Wi-Fi Phone for Skype seems almost custom-made for the business traveler who wants to use Skype without having to carry a laptop. at setup, one can use an existing Skype account or establish a new one; when I logged in, all of my contacts from Skype showed up automatically. To place calls, one simply connects to a Wi-Fi network and dials. Voice quality turned out to be very good, an the convenience factor is excellent. The phone doesn’t support access to Wi-Fi roaming networks, but a software update for Boingo functionality is planned.”


We look forward to getting Boingo functionality integrated into this nifty device. Boingo + Skype = Amazing value for business travelers!

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