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Distributed Antenna Systems: Wireless Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

By Team Boingo
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A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is a network of antennas that transmit seamless cellular and internet signals from a carrier source point. The network of antennas can be deployed in customized configurations. A variety of transport solutions can be used to connect the antennas to a base station. Using multiple antennas helps improve signal quality, reliability, and multiple line-of-sight channels for signal amplification. In settings with architectural or topographic challenges, vast square footage, densification, or specific security requirements, DAS helps resolve service gaps and meet internet delivery standards.



Travelers are increasingly dependent upon strong wireless connectivity to conduct remote work, share their experiences on social media, and keep in touch with loved ones at home. For staff members, strong wireless connectivity is critical for conducting business and maintaining the safety and security of the site.

Guests in a room, elevator, stairwell, restaurant, patio, laundry room, staff room, or conference room need access to strong internet signals. Positive feedback and good reviews from guests whose hotel experiences are favorable can deliver an advantage over competitor hotels and resorts.

For hotel staff, DAS delivers the most consistent and trustworthy connectivity – from the front desk to the guest rooms, common areas, conference areas, meeting spaces, restaurant, and back-room operations. In hotels and resorts, DAS delivers strong, reliable internet signals throughout the entire premises. As DAS is carrier neutral, a multi-carrier system can allow all mobile users to enjoy uninterrupted coverage and excellent network capacity as they move throughout the hotel.

Without DAS, it can be challenging to communicate with staff dispersed throughout the multiple buildings of sprawling properties and guests would compete for signal. Implementing DAS helps ensure that both guests and staff enjoy uninterrupted, strong wireless connectivity everywhere in the resort, even in underground spaces, elevators, and parking structures. The reliability and security features included in a DAS network helps maintain safety and security throughout the premises.



DAS is an excellent wireless network solution that fits the unique characteristics and demands of hospitality venues.

  • Large properties: DAS better enables strong internet connections above and below ground, indoors and outdoors, and for properties that include wide expanses of land.
  • Hard-to-reach spaces: A DAS network provides coverage to typically difficult coverage spaces such as elevators, stairwells and parking structures.
  • Thousands of guests and staff: DAS provide consistent coverage for large numbers of guests and staff across vast properties.
  • All carriers welcomed: Boingo’s DAS solution is carrier neutral. That means it is compatible with multiple carriers and frequencies. A Boingo DAS network delivers robust capacity and coverage to support all users, connected machines, and systems.



The PGA (Professional Golf Association) headquarters is moving to Texas and they selected Boingo to design, deploy, and manage a DAS network throughout the new Omni PGO Frisco Resort. The expansive property is scheduled to open in 2023 and will include a luxury hotel with 500 rooms, championship golf courses, event space, retail stores, entertainment venues, and more. The guests, players, and staff will all enjoy a fast and reliable wireless network thanks to the Boingo DAS.



Boingo is the largest provider of indoor DAS in the U.S., and our team is heavily involved in research and development to ensure networks are designed to mee the data demands of the future. With 20 years of experience as an industry leader, Boingo excels at designing, building, and managing DAS networks. Our end-to-end solutions include design, installation, operation, maintenance, and continuous monitoring. Contact Boingo for your hospitality connectivity needs.