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I finished my season three weeks ago, but that didn’t mean I had no more events on the calendar. In fact, my schedule was loaded with trips and events. First off was an Olympic race in Santa Barbara. Then we’d be off to Kona – not to race this year, but as spectators. We planned to hurry home from the Big Island in time to participate in the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) event in San Diego, followed by the Tram Challenge in Palm Springs the week after. And the list of activities went on and on. But those plans came to a screeching halt in the blink of an eye. Remember that Olympic race in Santa Barbara? Well, that’s where the unraveling began with a bike collision one mile from T2. Fortunately, the other rider was unharmed. Me…. not so much. I’m sitting here today with four fractures in my pelvis, which means no weight-bearing for 4-6 weeks. If you are an athlete or live with one, you know that hearing this is like a death sentence. Now, this most certainly is an exaggeration, but in the first moments after hearing these words, that’s what it feels like. And, in

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Have Pets, Will Travel: Boingo Employee Tips and Tricks

We love our furry friends! Taking good care of our pets while traveling can be a challenge, but here are a few tips and tricks from animal-savvy Boingo employees that will make your trip a breeze. Continue reading

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Top Ten Health Tips for International Travel

Get advice from a travel health professional. Four to six weeks before departure, consult a travel medicine specialist for the most up-to-date immunization, malaria recommendations and consultation to prepare for a safe and healthy trip. It’s important to get your immunizations early, as some of the vaccines take time to effectively protect you. Protect yourself from disease-bearing insects. Wear protective clothing and use products containing 20 to 30 percent DEET, the insect-repellent permethrin and bed nets. Never go barefoot, even on the beach. Make sure your water is purified. Do not use tap water when brushing your teeth. Consume only well-cooked food. Fruits and veggies? Peel it, boil it or forget it! Pre-fill your prescriptions, as they may not be available at your destination. Take extra, in case your trip is extended. In some countries counterfeit medications can be a problem. Carry medications in their original packaging and pack in your carry-on luggage. Don’t swim in rivers, lakes, ponds or streams. Well-chlorinated pools and salt water are usually considered safe. Take a basic first aid kit. Include medications for pain relief, such as ibuprofen and Tylenol, topical preparations for minor skin wounds and infections, and medications for allergic reactions (like

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Top Ten Packing and Travel Tips

1. Everyone has a black bag and those cute little ribbons we tie to our luggage fall off. Buy a bag in a color or pattern so that no one will accidentally take your bag. Plus, it will be easy to spot on the carousel. 2. Get used to it — the quart-size clear bag is here to stay. Invest in one that won’t fall apart after three uses (save the sandwich bag for your lunch). When you are not traveling, you can use it to store things in your purse or beach bag. 3. Always throw a small expandable bag in your luggage. You never know when you’ll need it — and it can hold some of those extra items you buy on your trip home … 3-foot Toblerones anyone? 4. Always “break in” new shoes before traveling with them. But just in case, carry a back-up in your purse (Come on, the 4” stilettos are not that comfortable no matter what we tell him). 5. Remember before you dress for your flight you’ll have to do the security “strip tease.” That means shoes and all outerwear (jackets, cardigans, zippered hoodies, etc.) will have to come off before you

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How To Travel Less Expensively

Take a single-destination trip. Instead of a driving trip incorporating several stops, head for one destination. Cities where attractions are accessible by foot or public transportation can help cut costs. Examples: In Grand Junction, Colorado’s major western slope vacation destination, for instance, a $1 shuttle runs from major hotel areas to downtown attractions. In Telluride, Colo., visitors have no need for a car at all once they arrive, thanks to the town’s free shuttle bus system and the world’s only energy efficient free gondola. Consider going all-inclusive. Staying at one resort that offers a multitude of services, amenities, and activities can mean significant savings. For families with children (or adults!) who like to try their hand at many activities – and then get tired or bored – it can be especially helpful. Dude ranches are increasingly popular all-inclusive options for singles, couples, and families, and can range from rustic adventures on working ranches to world-class resorts. Example: Dude & Guest Ranches of Grand County, Colo. Bypass the rental car. If you won’t absolutely need a car when you arrive at your destination, use public transportation to get there when possible. Airport shuttles, buses, and trains offer good alternatives. If you’re

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Strategies for Saving Money on Travel

We’re past summer – travel’s peak season – and now is a great time to start thinking about ways to save money on travel this Fall. High gas prices, rising hotel rates and packed airlines make it more challenging to find a travel deal these days, but there are still lots of ways to save money. I’m lucky to work in the travel industry and see trends and opportunities that the average consumer doesn’t. But I’m happy to share what I’ve learned! Here are eight easy tips to help you steal a deal the next time you travel. Book hotels just before or after holidays. One of the best times to book hotels is the weekend before or the weekend after a major holiday such as Labor Day weekend or Memorial Day weekend. Fewer people are likely to travel at these times so hoteliers are eager to fill up their beds. Another good time is the period between Thanksgiving and the holidays. Be flexible with airfares. For great airfares, it’s a little trickier these days. Check out alternative airports to see how that impacts the fares. Use online tools to see if there are savings flying on alternative dates. Plan