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October is one of my favorite months with the Exceeding Expectations kids.  As you all know, our top priority for the kids is, and always will be, education. That said, every October we participate in two athletic events that I feel are significant in laying the groundwork necessary for them to be successful in the academic world and in their adult lives.  The first of these events is the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) triathlon, aptly called “The Best Day in Triathlon.” Here’s a brief overview from their website:  “In 1994, three friends started a triathlon fundraiser to help one man regain his independence after a tragic accident left him a quadriplegic. From one came many, and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) took root in the belief that sports and an active lifestyle are a pathway to more in life. Since that fundraiser 25 years ago, CAF has been committed to breaking the financial barrier that individuals with physical challenges face to participate in sports and live a healthy and active lifestyle.”  Participating alongside challenged athletes in a very tough race gives our kids an additional perspective on their own lives. The racers on the course with them face obstacles that they

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Gadling’s Top 10 Tech Solutions For Having Fun During a Layover

Winter weather isn’t always a wonderland, especially if your flight is delayed and you’re stuck at the airport. Well, those imaginative travel experts at Gadling have some tech diversions that might actually make your layover fun. Check out their ten favorite gadgets/accessories, and aw shucks, Boingo made the list! What’s your go-to solution for making layovers more tolerable? Monster Outlets To Go Smartphone Battery pack You Bars Boingo (Rock on!) Netflix streaming movies Headphones + splitters Kid tech Lugsac Combo laptop charger + USB Read the entire article here.

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It’s Not Too Late to Give Some Long-Distance Valentine Love!

Were you and your object of affection separated this past Valentine’s Day? If so, we feel your heartache. That’s why we’d like to give you a chance to win a post Valentine package, designed to help the two of you stay connected when you’re apart. Simply send us a picture of you and your loved one together, and automatically enter a drawing to win: Two ALBUM portable digital photo galleries (pictured above) to fill with 40,000 pictures of your moments together. A Suite Arrival customized travel kit delivered to you or your Valentine. A one-day airport lounge pass for that next layover. Two six-month Boingo Wi-Fi accounts for some online bonding. Let’s keep the romance alive! Submit a photo of you two lovebirds via a Facebook wall post, a link via Twitter, or a link via a blog comment below. A winner will be announced from our random drawing on Friday, February 19th. Please note: only one photo entry per person. Vive l’amour! <3

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Delayed and Sleepless in Narita?

I recently had a 10-hour layover at Narita Airport in Tokyo en route back to the U.S. During the first hour of the layover, I was optimistic about my prospects of making it through the day without too much difficulty. After all, I had my laptop, plenty of email, a Boingo Wi-Fi connection, my iPod, a handful of airport shops, and some tasty-looking restaurants. But by the end of that first hour, things started unraveling quickly. My laptop’s power cable was in a checked bag. I only had about 2 hours of battery life. Then, as I was racing through my inbox, I saw an email invite to deliver a presentation within hours of landing at LAX after the 8-hour flight. I burned through the remainder of my laptop’s power finishing the slides and then found comfort in a bowl of soba noodles. That comfort was short-lived when I realized the yens for the meal converted into more dollars than I expected. By the time I finished eating, I had 7 hours remaining until my flight. I was exhausted. I needed to sleep ASAP. But where???? I do not exaggerate: I turned around and there in front of me was