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It’s time to celebrate—Boingo style! We’ve been awarded our eighth Global Traveler award for “Best WiFi Service” and to celebrate we’re kicking off 8 Days of Giveaways to give our awesome fans the chance to win a VIP travel tech kit. This kit is loaded with all the tech essentials you need on the go—like earbuds, a phone charger, flash drive and of course free Boingo Wi-Fi for a year with access to more than a million hotspots around the globe. Join in on the celebration! To enter our 8 Days of Giveaways, head to Twitter and simply tweet @boingo what YOU are celebrating this year using the hashtag #BoingoCelebr8. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a big client win, running your first marathon or something else, we want to hear your reason for raising a glass. Boingo’s 8 Days of Giveaways will run December 8-15, 2017. One winner will be announced each day.    

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World Premiere: Get an Inside Look at Boingo!

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at Boingo? Check out our new video for a peek inside our fun and exciting company! Continue reading

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The Never-Ending Adventure of Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt’s favorite travel experiences include getting tattooed in Rarotonga, zip lining in Puerto Rico, swimming with whale sharks in Western Australia and photographing political protests in Bangkok. Since he’s on a never-ending adventure, Arndt continues to add to this list. The Wisconsin native, who began traveling full-time in 2007, has thus far logged 96 countries with seven more scheduled by the end of 2011. Arndt leads an enviable life, but he’s worked hard — and continues to. Prior to his travels, the triple-major college grad started and sold two tech companies. He spends wisely during his travels. His award-winning travel/photography blog, Everything Everywhere, is read by millions, and he’s currently writing a book on how to travel full-time. We may envy Gary Arndt but through his entertaining blog stories, we also admire his kind, thoughtful and respectful reflections. The Boingo team first met Gary Arndt after his speaking session at BlogWorld 2010. He told us he’d been connecting with Boingo Wi-Fi since the beginning of his travels in 2007. We were delighted, as you can imagine. And now, we’re extra honored to be an official sponsor to the never-ending adventure of Gary Arndt. Check out our recent interview with this celebrity wayfarer (and be sure

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Boingo Among Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Travel Tweeters

Entrepreneur Magazine’s May 2010 issue features a list of top ten travel tweeters, and Boingo made the list! We’re pretty darn excited. If we were at a red-carpet awards event (clad in Versace), this would be our acceptance speech: Thank you, Entrepreneur Magazine, for choosing Boingo as one of ten best travel tweeters among the likes of @Jaunted and @SouthwestAir. We are honored to accept this Twitter award. We’d like to thank our parents and the warm Southern California weather. But most of all, our deepest gratitude goes to the Boingo community on Twitter for reaching out to us when they need help connecting and for actually getting a kick out of our travel and technology tweets. Until Twitter, we didn’t think it was possible to grow attached to people in 140-character increments. Now we know differently. (Pardon us, we need to dab our eyes.) Boingo community: thanks for humanizing what would otherwise be just a Wi-Fi service. Cheers! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Top 10 Twitter Feeds” “for the latest in travel deals, news, advice and entertainment” (pg. 59, May 2010 issue): @Boingo: Tweet your complaint about a weak airport Wi-Fi signal and you’ll get a