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How Network as a Service (NaaS) Enhances Security

By Team Boingo
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With business and commerce increasingly conducted online and, Network as a Service (NaaS) solutions. In addition to improving cybersecurity, NaaS offers many benefits that help businesses compete in the marketplace.



NaaS is a customized managed network solution. Through NaaS, a network provider can automate IT functionalities like monitoring, alerting, hardware and software management, maintenance, upgrades, security infrastructure, and more. Customized NaaS solutions include whatever network components and services the enterprise needs. In addition to being customizable, NaaS are rapidly scalable, cost-effective, efficient, and secure. Boingo NaaS solutions provide myriad advantages that support enterprise security, operations, and efficiencies.



NaaS improve the business bottom line through efficient and effective resource management. Because Naas is a pay-as-you-need, subscription model and the enterprise doesn’t need to purchase or maintain hardware, Naas helps reduce costs. Adopting NaaS enables enterprises to optimize their operational expenditure budgets. NaaS solutions also help improve network performance.

With NaaS, mission-critical functions utilize up-to-date technology. Dedicated bandwidth ensures that key processes are up and running. Partnering with an expert network provider empowers businesses to focus on their business operations. Even with in-house IT support, many enterprises may need targeted network services to take their business to the next level.



For 2022, the Allianz Risk Barometer ranks cyber incidents as the top threat to business worldwide. These attacks are rapidly growing and constantly evolving.

It is imperative that enterprises protect their critical systems and sensitive information from ransomware attacks, data breaches, IT outages, and other digital threats. Unauthorized exploitation of network systems can disrupt operations, damage infrastructure and assets, and compromise confidential business information. Even enterprises with the highest-quality in-house IT teams can benefit from additional support.

Partnering with a specialized network provider to build and manage NaaS solutions can help reduce security risks for enterprises and organizations. With NaaS, the expert provider uses their resources and knowledge to implement best practices, manage the firewalls, monitor the network, correct vulnerabilities, and respond to threats. Naas providers also can support compliance and regulation adherence with platforms tailored specifically to the needs of the enterprise.

To provide ongoing security support, maintenance is conducted proactively through advanced detection systems. Within NaaS, automated software tools can generate alerts when abnormal activities or system vulnerabilities are perceived. An experienced network provider delivers insight into cybersecurity trends and can prepare your enterprise against future threats. Additionally, the NaaS model facilitates seamless upgrades that improve performance and enhance security protections. Future NaaS innovations are predicted to include further advances in security offerings that existing users will be the first to utilize.



For over 20 years, Boingo has pioneered many firsts to reliably connect people, businesses, and things. Boingo’s award-winning network operations expertise is focused on the future so we can prepare you for what is next. Contact Boingo to upgrade your security with the latest in NaaS solutions.