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Distributed Antenna Systems Improve Commercial Real Estate Operations and Experiences

By Team Boingo
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A distributed antenna system (DAS) is a network that provides wireless service to a structure or geographic area. DAS consists of spatially distributed antenna nodes that use a transport medium to distribute signals and connect to a common signal source.

Cellular signals can be interrupted by common building materials and may be insufficient in dense areas. DAS networks distribute and amplify carrier 4G/5G carrier signals so that coverage is fast, reliable, and secure.



Myth #1: With Wi-Fi, DAS is unnecessary.

The facts: Wi-Fi is user-friendly, but dense locations with concrete walls or other obstacles can degrade or interfere with signals. DAS can allow cellular users to connect through their carriers’ systems without congesting a building’s Wi-Fi system. When paired with DAS, Wi-Fi connectivity is stronger.

Myth #2: There are DIY options for rebroadcasting a carrier’s radio frequency (RF) signals.

The facts: Because the carrier owns the signals and is unlikely to grant permission for DIY rebroadcasting, there are no legal options for DIY rebroadcasting of a carrier’s RF signals.



Deploying a DAS network offers numerous benefits for commercial real estate properties. DAS improves cellular coverage, provides state of the art 5G technology, supports smart/connected building efforts, enhances Wi-Fi capabilities, improves the tenant and employee experience, and enhances ROI. Let’s take a closer look at how using DAS can enhance operations and experience in your commercial real estate property.

DAS Improves Cellular Coverage

Today, everyone and everything is connected. Mobile device users expect continuous and strong wireless connections, especially inside buildings. Installing a DAS network alleviates weak signals and drop zones so guests and staff have a satisfactory connected experience throughout the property.

DAS Supports Smart Buildings

Today’s connected buildings use Internet of Things (IoT) services to control lighting, HVAC systems, security systems, access permissions, and more. To operate smoothly and efficiently, all of the smart devices need to receive signals and communicate with each other. Ubiquitous wireless coverage and capacity is critical. DAS has the strength to deliver reliable wireless connectivity to IoT devices so they are consistently connected.

DAS Enhances Wi-Fi Capabilities

Real estate properties may have Wi-Fi, but the bandwidth can easily become overloaded when many users are on the network. A DAS can help supplement the capacity and coverage to ensure that users experience uninterrupted wireless service.

DAS Improves Resident and Staff Experiences

If residents complain of dropped calls and mobile dead zones, the areas with poor reception or low signal strength can be improved with a DAS. DAS creates a reliable network environment for tenants, guests, and employees, helping to improve the experiences of tenants’ connectivity within their apartments and in the common areas.

DAS Boosts ROI

Over time, installing and maintaining a DAS becomes even more cost-effective. A new DAS system can be a fraction of an overall construction budget for commercial real estate properties when assessed against long-term ROI. Strong, reliable, secure connectivity throughout the property helps attract and retain tenants and informs rental prices. Furthermore, if the owner decides to sell the property, the advanced technology infrastructure can increase the selling price.



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