Display Ad Units

Boingo’s brand-safe display advertising prominently features your brand before users get online, meaning you’ll make the first impression on your target audience before they are inundated with ads across the web. Your message is guaranteed to be 100% above the fold with a high share of voice, so the first impression you make is the one they’ll remember.

Display ad specifications

Laptop Static/Flash Specs*
  • Dimensions: 728×90
  • Audio: must be user initiated on click only
  • File Size: max 200KB
  • File Type: static image (PNG, JPG, GIF), HTML5, SWF
  • Animation: 15 seconds max, can resume on user mouse over
* Flash animations and video players are subject to technical review for compatibility with the Wi-Fi environment.

  • Dimensions: 728×90
  • File Size: max 200KB
Formats: Static PNG, JPG, GIF, Animated GIF

  • Dimensions: 320×50
  • File Size: max 200KB
Formats: Static PNG, JPG, GIF, Animated GIF

General Guidelines

  • We need approved creative assets (according to the specs listed below) a minimum of 5 days prior to your campaign’s launch date.
  • Provide the following where available: Brand style guide / guidelines including the brand color palette, Clickthrough URL.


Our banner ad server relies on Google’s Double Click ad serving technology to keep track of impressions and clicks. Campaign data can be segmented across venues, orders, line items, and creatives.