Frequently Asked Questions

Please review the terms of your Boingo plan in your Welcome email for more specific details.

Q. Where can I connect to Boingo?
A. We have more than 1 million global hotspots at airports, hotels and convention centers, cafes, hotels, retail stores and more!* You can locate accessible hotspots by visiting or downloading the Boingo Wi-Finder app.

Q. How many devices are allowed on my account at a time?
A. The device limit for most accounts is four devices, and may include any combination of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Q. Who are Boingo’s roaming partners and where are they?
A. We’re everywhere! Or at least we try to be. We have partnerships with hotspot operators in The Americas, Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. They include AT&T, Time Warner Cable (TWC), T-Mobile, Orange, BT Wifi, NTT Docomo, Telin and China Mobile, among others.

Q. How do I connect to Boingo?
A. You can connect at Boingo hotspots under the network name “Boingo Hotspot” in your device’s Wi-Fi settings. There are three ways to connect:
  • Through a browser when connected to Boingo (a page will launch).
  • The Boingo Wi-Finder app.
  • Boingo Passpoint, by downloading a profile to your device to connect automatically (must be at a Passpoint enabled hotspot).

Q. What is Boingo Wi-Finder?
A. Boingo Wi-Finder is an app that stores your account login information so that you can locate hotspots near you and connect with one click.

Q. Where can I download the Boingo Wi-Finder App?
A. The Boingo Wi-Finder App is available to download via, iTunes, Google Play and the Windows Store.

Q. What is Boingo Passpoint?
A. Boingo Passpoint enables automatic, fast and secure connections at numerous airports and 150,000 TWC Passpoint hotspots nationwide with no log in required, just like home! Simply download the Boingo Passpoint profile to your device to connect at Passpoint enabled hotspots.

Q. Where do I download the Boingo Passpoint profile to my device?
A. You can download the profile by visiting and following the steps to download. It only takes a minute!

Q. How can I reset my password?
A. You can reset your password by going here and following the prompts.

Q. Where can I manage my account?
A. Customers can manage their account by going here.

Q. I have more Questions. How do I contact Boingo?
A. Email support is available by sending a message to