Enhanced Cellular DAS

Every one of your visitors is important to you. We don't believe some should have a better experience because they chose a different carrier. Boingo's neutral host approach to in-building distributed antenna systems maximizes carrier participation by creating an even playing field for all carriers and all of your visitors.

Enhanced Cellular DAS

Boost cellular network quality, capacity and performance

Satisfy growing demand for mobile bandwidth and connectivity with Boingo’s carrier-neutral cellular distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions. With independent infrastructure and modular architecture that maximizes DAS network participation, our scalable multi-purpose networks help your venue gain a competitive advantage with high-performance wireless technology.


  1. Improves wireless network access for visitors and staff, regardless of which carrier they use
  2. Delivers leading-edge infrastructure and technology at no cost to your organization
  3. Boosts signal strength and increases network capacity for voice and data users alike
  4. Preserves valuable internal IT and business resources for strategic initiatives and core competencies
  5. Supports in-building public safety and first-responder emergency communications

Deliver Ubiquitous Connectivity

If you’re struggling to satisfy the voracious appetites of today’s always-connected consumer, you’re not alone. More consumers own smartphones than ever before, and they’re carrying multiple gadgets that demand connectivity. This explosion of always-on, always connected wireless devices is straining cellular networks from coast to coast. DAS_Connectivity

Boingo Differentiators

With more than 15 years of experience deploying and operating enhanced wireless networks in large public venues like stadiums, airports and campus environments, Boingo provides unmatched technical and operational expertise and a proven track record of delivering value to our partners.
  1. Largest provider of independent indoor DAS in the U.S.
  2. Network focus and operational expertise; proven track record designing, building and operating wireless networks in high-traffic venues
  3. Neutral-host solution supports all wireless standards and protocols
  4. Strategic partnerships with Tier 1 wireless carriers for DAS and Wi-Fi offload; maximum carrier participation
  5. >30% of full-time staff dedicated to development and technology
  6. Invest heavily in R&D to ensure networks are designed to meet data demands of the future

DAS Expertise

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DAS for Your Location…

Find out how Boingo can help your venue with high-performance cellular DAS solutions that address device density and satisfy mobile traffic demands—quickly, easily and at no cost to your organization. Contact Us

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