This document describes the Boingo Media platform, how it works, and how to integrate the Boingo Media ad code with your venues’ captive portals and networks. If you are charged with integrating the Boingo Media platform code into your company’s network, ideally you should have experience with online advertising, but should also have experience working with captive portal environments, authorization, and authentication, and understand concepts of HTTP protocols. Knowledge of JavaScript and HTML – and debugging – are necessary if technical issues arise.

For more details, download the instructions:

Download Integration Instructions PDF


Our Boingo Media experts are here to support you and your business. If you need help or have questions, please contact:
Director, Media Operations
(310) 463-0642
Director, Engineering in Strategic Programs
(310) 586-4310



Kick Off Call

Boingo will schedule an orientation call with you and your team. This call is technical and lasts about 30 minutes. At least one member from your team who is capable of configuring the Login Page must be present on the call. On this call we will:

  • Review the details of your login page
  • Discuss the Boingo Media installation process
  • Evaluate all venues that will be integrated
  • Answer any questions you have

  • You will need:
  • Login page
  • The ability to manage the login page HTML code
  • The ability to whitelist by domain with wildcards.

Send Boingo Your Login Page Code

  1. Login pages come in all flavors and commonly have unique behaviors. Don’t worry, we’ve seen it all! Send us a copy of your front-end login page code. This should include the HTML and JavaScript.
  2. Send Boingo a network device available to us for full end-to-end testing (optional, but highly recommended).

Fill Out the Venue Import Spreadsheet

We’ll need to know all about your venues. You should have received the Venue Import Excel Spreadsheet. Please fill it out as soon as possible. The info that you provide – such as address, postal code, and venue ID number – will allow us to target ads to specific venues, as well as track and report on them. A completed spreadsheet is required prior to launch.


Install HTML and test:

  1. HTML: Boingo will return the HTML that you provided in Step 1, updated with our Boingo Media code, which makes the Boingo Media platform work. You’ll need to add it to your login page and test it.
  2. Testing: When you’re ready to start testing, use a staging environment where you can test across multiple venue IDs. If that’s not possible, Boingo will provide you a special Test Venue ID used only to test venues. Follow these functional testing steps:
    1. Connect to the SSID
    2. Open your browser if the captive network assistant (CNA)* is disabled
    3. Login Page should appear
    4. Select the login button. This is where Boingo takes over and redirects users to the Boingo Media platform.
    5. You will be redirected to an ad. (See flow diagram in PDF.)
    6. The final step of the ad is a “call to action.” This screen provides users with one or two buttons, both of which connect the user to the internet.
      1. “Wi-Fi connect & learn more” button: Clicking this button triggers Boingo’s post-authentication redirect and points the user to the advertiser’s website. The user will be online.
      2. “No Thanks, just take me online” button: Clicking this button points the user to your venue’s typical post-authentication (welcome) page. The user will be online.

Post functional testing:

  1. Once completed, report your testing results to Boingo and we will validate the reporting to ensure installation was implemented correctly.
  2. Capture relevant screen shots or video of the testing experience and send to Boingo. This is especially useful if you experience problems with your tests.


  1. Follow the Venue Import Configuration Guide in the following section for your production properties. Ensure that the Venue IDs generated in the ad code match the respective venue that is associated with the Login Page.
  2. After notifying your Boingo support rep, launch and follow the testing procedure outlined in Step 2: INTEGRATION again in the production environment.