Sports Testimonial 3

Keeping fans connected is fundamental. We knew by partnering with Boingo we’d create a best-in-class wireless network to rival any in the NBA.

– Jim Olson

President of Vivint Smart Home Arena

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“I really enjoy coming to work everyday. Boingo has the BEST culture and working environment, and the energy here is motivational and positive.”

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“The people at this company have a lot of respect for each other. This goes for not only the rank and file employees but upper management as well.”

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“This is a company that walks the walk and talks the talk. From the CEO down, people are smart, innovative, considerate, thoughtful, solution-oriented and team focused.”

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“This is a very classy place to work. We have a dynamic and visionary leadership team that created an exceptional culture and work environment. Truly refreshing when compared to the standard corporate routine. I love working with highly enthusiastic and motivated colleagues.”

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“Boingo has the spirit of community, collaboration and innovation and makes it easy to feel included even if you work remotely.”

Boingo Wireless Access Pass

Don’t let the road become a road block. Stay connected when you travel with Boingo. Set your wireless network to: Boingo Hotspot Using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, launch your web browser in one of the venues below. Click on the “Access Pass” button on the website, and enter your Access Pass code. For help,