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Boingo Media is the world’s largest Wi-Fi advertising platform. We enable brands to reach a captive audience by sponsoring the #1 most requested traveler amenity: free Wi-Fi.


Free Wi-Fi For Viewing an Ad? Yes, Please!

In a recent survey, mobile professionals said Wi-Fi is the #1 daily essential, rated above chocolate, alcohol, and even sex!

Boingo Media enables brands to sponsor free Wi-Fi in exchange for watching an ad.

Visit our Creative Gallery to see how leading brands are using Wi-Fi sponsorships to engage their customers.

How It Works

The Boingo Media Ad Experience

Engage your target audience the minute they open their device to connect to Wi-Fi. Consumers watch your full-screen, high-impact ad in exchange for free Wi-Fi – and your brand gets the credit.

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When Was the Last Time You Were Thanked for an Ad?


So Many Ways to Captivate

Trade free Wi-Fi for guaranteed engagement


Drive direct traffic to your promotion.
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Drive Direct Traffic

Direct your audience where you want them in exchange for what they desire most: free Wi-Fi.


Capture undivided attention.
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Capture undivided attention

Engage your target audience the minute they open their device with a large-format video in a full-screen branded experience.


Raise awarness with Flash and HTML.
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Raise awarness with Flash and HTML

Make a memorable impact on your target audience with quick load times and smaller file-sizes across all devices.

Text Match

Boost recall and increase consideration.
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Text Match

Boost recall and increase consideration

Prompt users to type your branded message and maximize recall of a tagline, benefit or attribute.


Learn about customers through prompting a question.
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Prompt consideration

Give your audience reason to pause by crafting the perfect question to highlight a product benefit or solicit useful audience feedback.

Email Collection

Gather email to start a conversation with consumers.
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Email Collection

Start a conversation

Drive voluntary sign-up for future one-to-one communication via email.

App Download

Drive people to download your mobile application.
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App Download

Drive installs and engagement

Sponsor Wi-Fi on mobile devices in exchange for the verified download of your app in Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Display Ads

Reach a captive audience before users get online.
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Display Ads

Reach a captive audience

Introduce your message before users get online, making the first impression in a brand safe environment.


1.2 Billion Annual Consumers

Place your message in the right context for your target audience. Boingo Wi-Fi is available in:


Engage with travelers in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Sao Paulo, Mexico City and many more!


Make travelers feel at home with free Wi-Fi at hotels nationwide.

Free Wi-Fi is the #1 most desired hotel amenity for U.S. travelers.

Shopping Malls
Shopping Malls

Reach fashionistas, teens and tweens in action at premier malls across the U.S., Mexico and Canada.


Help hungry diners connect to the internet at restaurants and cafes around the country.

Bus Lines

Sponsor free Wi-Fi for college students on bus lines in the Northeast.

Coverage from New York to Toronto and Montreal.

And More
…And More!

With an eye out for where people are seeking the services and content they rely on, we are adding new and unique venues everyday.

Reach elite athletes and adventurers on our newest network, Mt. Everest!


Precision Drilling

Find your exact target every time!


Business Decision-Makers

Business decision makers and influencers who rely on their devices to stay connected and informed.


Jet-Set Leisure Travelers

Affluent, globe-trotting leisure travelers with high-end tastes in fashion, technology and travel experiences.



Reach this desirable demographic, from students studying in cafes to young families traveling in hotels and at airports.



Find your audience where they travel and visit with multi-dimensional targeting. Geo-target worldwide, venue-target down to a specific airport or even airport terminal. Geo-target by region or even segment down to the city with our full range of venues across the U.S.


Isolate device types that match your audience and support your specific conversion goals. Choose from mobile, tablet or laptop; or segment even further and define by iOS and Android operation systems.


Target mornings, evenings, weekdays or weekends to hit the right audience at the right time.


Metrics That Matter

The numbers speak for themselves...

Traditional Rich Media VS Boingo Media Platform
media_results_interaction_rateInteraction Rate
3.1% VS 100%
media_results_timeInteraction Time
0:11 VS 0:41
media_results_ctrClick Through Rate
0.1% VS 5%

Source: Google United States Display Benchmarks


  • "We are very pleased with the results to date. You are among the top performers of all of our digital placements. We expected the user experience was going to be great, and that presenting your users with our video was going to go a long way towards our awareness goals. What we did not expect was the massive flow of traffic to the Rackspace website from your users!

    Chris MuldaurSVP, DirectPartners

  • Boingo is delivering the 2nd largest volume of site visitors of the entire campaign at the lowest CPV. These users are very qualified, as evidenced in time on site, low bounce rate, etc… And the icing on the cake – something we never expected, some of these users are actually downloading our Private Cloud over your wi-fi connection."

    Chris MuldaurSVP, DirectPartners

  • "I just had a delightful experience. I'm walking around on a lovely afternoon in Union Square Park in Manhattan and find some tables set up in a closed off street. I sit down and open my laptop, hoping to find an open Wi-Fi network. Lo and behold, a Boingo hotspot is available and I'm online in just 2 minutes. What an awesome user experience - Hipmunk Flight & Hotel Search is proud to be a part of the Cloud Nine platform."

    Julie ZhouGrowthmaster, Hipmunk, Inc.

  • "Boingo gives users access to AOL's incredible content through a tailored digital experience, showcasing what AOL brands have to offer, while at the same time providing the bandwidth to access that content. Boingo is an important partner in the AOL mission to connect, inform and entertain the world."

    Devin NolanSenior Director of Marketing, AOL

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The Boingo Media platform enables brand advertisers to reach a captive audience through high-engagement Wi-Fi sponsorships in thousands of premium locations worldwide.


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