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We help people stay connected. Our small cell networks increase wireless capacity and keep the data flowing in places where ordinary networks struggle. As data demand increases and existing networks become congested, we make getting connected cost-effective for consumers and carriers, through state-of-the-art DAS, Wi-Fi and military broadband networks.


About Us

Global Wireless Access

More than just Wi-Fi, Boingo is a global leader in enhancing wireless access. We make it possible to travel the world and not rack up exorbitant wireless data bills. We enhance cell service in locations where concrete and steel kill throughput. We provide carriers and OEMs with a worldwide network their customers can use to stay connected. And we enable global brands to engage with high-value consumers in premier locations.

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Building Shareholder Value

Boingo has built a thriving business on sound fundamentals.  With revenue split between retail and wholesale efforts – and augmented with a growing advertising business – the company continues to identify and pursue strategic growth opportunities to enhance shareholder value, while building a leadership position in key markets that support those efforts. 

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As a global leader and award-winning service provider, we have a lot going on. Check out our latest announcements in Press Releases. Peruse the perspectives of leading publications that featured Boingo In the News. And admire our trophy case with Awards we’ve received for all that we do.

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Champion Wi-Fi Service

Boingo has won numerous awards for our Wi-Fi and other services.
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Work Hard. Play Hard.

Sure, we have a lot of really smart people who are creative and find new ways to push the envelope every day, but we also have a lot of fun. We’ve grown from a small band of entrepreneurs in Santa Monica to hundreds of employees who foster that same entrepreneurial spirit around the world. Check out the management team that has helped build Boingo into a global leader. Better yet, listen to our employees talk about how awesome it is to work here! Join us.

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Boingo Wireless

Our customer care teams are available 24/7/365, whether you're a Wi-Fi or Broadband customer. Find contact information for our international support, media relations, investor relations, and recruiting teams, as well as every Boingo office under the sun here.

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