Global Small Cell Service Provider

Neutral Host Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi offload. Global roaming access. White label products and monetization tools. Boingo offers a full spectrum of business solutions for venue owners, carriers and manufacturers.


Neutral Host DAS

Cellular DAS for High Traffic Venues

The ongoing mobile data explosion is bringing increased interest from mobile operators to use Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) as a strategic enhancement to their macro networks. High-traffic venues like airports, stadiums, hotels, and university campuses drive high-volume usage that puts extraordinary pressure on existing infrastructure that can be better served with an in-venue distributed antenna system. Boingo's neutral host approach generates among the highest per-carrier participation in the industry.

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Neutral Host Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi In Your Venue

Now, more than ever, Wi-Fi is considered an essential amenity for customers. As data usage continues to climb and carriers raise the cost of mobile data, consumers turn to Wi-Fi to help fill their need for Internet access. As a global leader in neutral host Wi-Fi, Boingo maximizes access to the network through global roaming agreements via carrier offload and major brand sponsorships through our media team. Learn More

Roaming & Carrier Offload

Let Your Customers Roam on Our Network

Supplement your mobile data strategy with more than 1 million hotspots around the globe to enhance your existing network. Whether you need additional capacity in the most congested areas or desire cost-effective means of delivering expanded global data roaming options, Boingo can provide regional or worldwide options.

Boingo Roaming Partner Snapshot

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Comes with Boingo

Enhance Products with Boingo Wi-Fi

Add value to your offerings by providing unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi bundled with your products and services.   A useful perk that customers appreciate, "Comes with Boingo" gives your customers access to more than 1 million premium hotspots around the globe.

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Private Label Wi-fi

Turnkey Wi-Fi for Your Customers

Give your customers worldwide Wi-Fi access to Boingo’s global aggregated network of more than 1 million commercial hotspots and award-winning software. Service providers and device manufacturers, alike, can enhance their existing value proposition with global Wi-Fi. Learn More

Leverage the power of an in-venue network to generate actionable business intelligence, enhance the customer experience, and improve operational efficiencies. Make Wi-Fi work for you with a smart network from Boingo that provides data-driven insights that better inform the business based on actual customer behavior. Learn More

WI-FI Sponsorships & Advertising

Boingo Media Subsidizes Your Wi-Fi Costs


Monetize your Wi-Fi network with the help of our Boingo Media platform and sales team. A turnkey sponsorship and advertising solution, Boingo Media helps you subsidize the cost of operating your Wi-Fi network with high-value engagement modules that help maximize revenue. As the operator of the largest Wi-Fi sponsorship network, Boingo brings high-demand locations to reputable advertisers.

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Residential Broadband & IPTV

TV and Residential Internet for Everyone

Whether you have 30 users or 30,000, Boingo can deliver an on-site network to meet your needs. Boingo’s turnkey approach provides government institutions, military bases, universities and other MDUs with a full suite of Internet access and television viewing options for personnel at no cost to the facility. From the barracks or dormitories to common areas where troops, students and residents gather, we provide a carrier-grade network to deliver high-speed Internet and comprehensive IPTV services.

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