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October is one of my favorite months with the Exceeding Expectations kids.  As you all know, our top priority for the kids is, and always will be, education. That said, every October we participate in two athletic events that I feel are significant in laying the groundwork necessary for them to be successful in the academic world and in their adult lives.  The first of these events is the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) triathlon, aptly called “The Best Day in Triathlon.” Here’s a brief overview from their website:  “In 1994, three friends started a triathlon fundraiser to help one man regain his independence after a tragic accident left him a quadriplegic. From one came many, and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) took root in the belief that sports and an active lifestyle are a pathway to more in life. Since that fundraiser 25 years ago, CAF has been committed to breaking the financial barrier that individuals with physical challenges face to participate in sports and live a healthy and active lifestyle.”  Participating alongside challenged athletes in a very tough race gives our kids an additional perspective on their own lives. The racers on the course with them face obstacles that they

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Boingo Selected to Operate 6 Major Airports in the U.K.!

My friends, it’s a jolly good day for the Boingo community. Boingo Wireless has just signed an exclusive deal with airport company BAA to be the sole operator of Wi-Fi services at six airports in the U.K. [see list below]! This news means good things for those of you flying into, out of, or through the U.K. and on to your final destinations: Boingo is a neutral host operator: we welcome roaming users from other Wi-Fi providers. Network reliability is a 24/7 priority for us, so you can count on us for continuous and fast Wi-Fi access. We offer you world-class customer service — we don’t approach this stuff lightly. We’re opening up a London office to support the airports; this is especially interesting if you’re looking for a new career. It’s easy to get online with Boingo. Connect to “Boingo Hotspot” on your laptop or smartphone and choose from a variety of day pass and subscription options. And now, I present to you the U.K. airports to be powered by Boingo: London Heathrow (LHR) London Stansted (STN) Glasgow (GLA) Edinburgh (EDI) Aberdeen (ABZ) Southampton (SOU) (Wi-Fi services were previously provided in parallel by multiple operators, including Boingo.) Read the

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Boingo Wi-Fi Now Powers Blackberry Devices

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered! Boingo Mobile, our Wi-Fi service for mobile devices and smartphones, is now available on the Blackberry® Curve 8900, Blackberry Curve 8320 and BlackBerry® Bold. For just $7.95 per month, Boingo Mobile gives you a high-speed alternative to cellular data so you surf the Internet, download large files, upload pictures, and stream video — all on your Blackberry. Usage is unlimited and you can connect all over the globe. That’s right, surf to your heart’s content while you travel for business or pleasure and save on international roaming costs. To get Boingo Mobile, first download our free login software directly to your Blackberry. The software tells you when you’re in a Boingo hotspot and automatically connects you. Next, sign up via the software; or alternatively sign up on a PC. We’re constantly working to expand our portfolio of smartphone support, which now includes the Android™, iPhone®, Symbian™ Series 60, and Windows Mobile™ platforms. We know how much y’all love those mobile devices of yours! To download the free Boingo software for Blackberry, click here. To download Boingo software for other mobile devices, click here. To sign up for Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi for your Blackberry,