Boingo Wi-Fi Customer Support – Account Cancellation


We get it. Something’s happened and you want to part ways. You can cancel your Boingo subscription by logging in through “My Account“.

Recurring Wi-Fi Subscriptions

Subscriptions include: Boingo Mobile, Boingo Unlimited, Boingo Global, Boingo Europe Plus, Boingo UK & Ireland, and Boingo Asia Pacific.

Once you have logged in to “My Account“, on the left panel you will see the “Cancel Subscription” link. Follow this link to cancel the recurring monthly payment or to cancel the account completely.

Itunes Subscriptions

Customers who signed up for Boingo from Boingo WiFinder on the iOS app store can cancel from their device via “Manage Subscription” in the iPhone/iPad Settings menu.

AsYouGo Plans

Boingo AsYouGo and Hourly customers can stop charges by not logging in at hotspots.

Broadband Wi-Fi Subscriptions

If you are a Boingo Broadband customer please click here to deactivate your account.

Have any questions or need to contact a Customer Care agent? Please visit Boingo Support.