Connecting to Boingo Wi-Fi is Easy!

First, ensure that you are in a Boingo hotspot. To find Boingo locations, simply visit our Location Directory.

Step by Step Login

Step 1 - From a Boingo Hotspot, select "Web" from the main menu.

Step 2 - Then choose "Boingo" from the "Web" menu.

Step 3 - Select "Use Boingo Wi-Fi Here!", and presto! You are online!

For alternate login method, visit Connect to Wi-Fi FAQ’s

Note - If you are using your paid Boingo Mobile account for the first time, please remember to enter your username and password into the camera. Simply click the Wireless Network icon and press Boingo. Select “My Boingo Account” and enter your username and password then press “Save.” You should receive a confirmation screen then click “OK.”