Case Study

LCOR’s Edison Invents New Connectivity Model

Building “what tomorrow needs” delights not only residents, it also delights the owners who can capture annual cash-on-cash yields of over 25%.

Just as Thomas Edison’s inventions led to the creation of electric utilities and the early beginnings of telecommunications, so too has a multifamily community named in his honor inspired a new ground-breaking solution for connectivity in commercial real estate. And the disruption doesn’t just give residents an excellent experience; it generates return on investment for apartment community owners that can approach 30 percent or beyond.

This study features a multifamily telecom initiative which has led to a host of discoveries for the owner: a resident adoption rate over 80%, an annual yield on investment exceeding 15% (for a property with only 187 units), a large savings in monthly operating expense, and reinforcement of their brand among residents by delivering and controlling a world-class resident experience in Internet connectivity. The owner has glowingly declared that this telecom initiative “can stand on its own as a separate investment even outside of the project”.

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