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I finished my season three weeks ago, but that didn’t mean I had no more events on the calendar. In fact, my schedule was loaded with trips and events. First off was an Olympic race in Santa Barbara. Then we’d be off to Kona – not to race this year, but as spectators. We planned to hurry home from the Big Island in time to participate in the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) event in San Diego, followed by the Tram Challenge in Palm Springs the week after. And the list of activities went on and on. But those plans came to a screeching halt in the blink of an eye. Remember that Olympic race in Santa Barbara? Well, that’s where the unraveling began with a bike collision one mile from T2. Fortunately, the other rider was unharmed. Me…. not so much. I’m sitting here today with four fractures in my pelvis, which means no weight-bearing for 4-6 weeks. If you are an athlete or live with one, you know that hearing this is like a death sentence. Now, this most certainly is an exaggeration, but in the first moments after hearing these words, that’s what it feels like. And, in

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New Wi-Finder App for iOS Can Help Users Save Money!

Our newest update to the iOS Wi-Finder app includes a cellular data usage tracker that helps you figure out how much data you use over both cellular and Wi-Fi during a month, and calculates what your savings is for using Wi-Fi instead of cellular based on information you enter about your monthly cellular data allotment and cost of going over that allotment. Continue reading

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Will Google Drive (or Dropbox or Spotify or Hulu) Destroy Your Cellphone Bill?

If your cellphone provider is putting you on a data diet, what good is an inordinate amount of storage in the cloud? How useful are services like Spotify, Pandora, Hulu or Netflix on your phone if Verizon or AT&T make it ridiculously expensive to use on a regular basis or severely restrict your throughput once your “unlimited” account hits a data threshold? What are your data management strategies for using the cloud services you want to use without penalty? Continue reading

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Prominent Doctor Recommends Swine Flu Vaccine, Esp. For Travellers

Introducing Dr. Enoch Choi, a Family Medicine partner in urgent care at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. In his spare time, Enoch is a prolific blogger, a clinical instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine, a volunteer at the Community Pregnancy Center of Mountain View, a member on various boards including the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Medical Missions, an advisor for venture firms, a doting father, a dedicated husband, and a fantastic karaoke singer. This is far from an exhaustive list of all the things that make up Dr. Enoch Choi. That’s why “Renaissance Man” is an apt description for him. Recently, Dr. Choi spoke about the H1N1 virus (“swine flu”), emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated. Even if you rarely get sick and don’t usually get the flu shot, he says, this year is the time to do it. People who are most vulnerable to H1N1? Pregnant women, those with already compromised immune systems, young children, and travelers. That’s right, you globetrotters! Even if you’re as healthy as a horse, get vaccinated because on the road, you’re exposed to a considerable amount of germs, including H1N1. To listen to Dr. Choi’s entire chat, please click here. Meanwhile, we delved into