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It’s time to celebrate—Boingo style! We’ve been awarded our eighth Global Traveler award for “Best WiFi Service” and to celebrate we’re kicking off 8 Days of Giveaways to give our awesome fans the chance to win a VIP travel tech kit. This kit is loaded with all the tech essentials you need on the go—like earbuds, a phone charger, flash drive and of course free Boingo Wi-Fi for a year with access to more than a million hotspots around the globe. Join in on the celebration! To enter our 8 Days of Giveaways, head to Twitter and simply tweet @boingo what YOU are celebrating this year using the hashtag #BoingoCelebr8. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a big client win, running your first marathon or something else, we want to hear your reason for raising a glass. Boingo’s 8 Days of Giveaways will run December 8-15, 2017. One winner will be announced each day.    

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Travelers Turn to Airports for Mobile Travel information

This guest post is authored by Scott Phillips, Boingo’s Vice President of Airports. Airports are prioritizing improving the passenger experience, and there’s a specific trend that is prompting airports to re-evaluate communication strategies and initiatives with passengers.

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Boingo Voted Best Wi-Fi Service by Global Traveler Community!

For the second time in three years, Global Traveler readers have named Boingo “Best Wi-Fi Service.” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. More than 36,000 savvy travelers contributed to Global Traveler magazine’s 2011 GT Tested reader survey. Readers chose the best of the best for sixty-six travel-related categories, including: airlines, hotels, loyalty programs and travel products. Click here to view a list of fellow winners. Awards are awesome to receive. But we think the most meaningful awards are those granted by the user community, so this means a lot to us. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. As you can see from the photos above featuring a few superstar members of our marketing team, we had a delightful time at the Global Traveler awards ceremony. Read the press release here.

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Zagat Guide Re-Defines Rules of Dining Etiquette

Tim Zagat, co-founder of dining and entertainment Zagat guides, says it’s time to establish new dining etiquette. As we read through the list, we keep wondering: how do these rules apply in different countries worldwide? Seasoned travelers, what are some region-specific dining etiquette that you’ve encountered? Here’s a summary of Zagat’s “10 New Rules of Dining Etiquette:” Men and women deserve equal service quality. According to Zagat, most diners  think men receive better service because they’re perceived as the bill payers. The person who invites pays the bill unless an agreement made in advance says otherwise. Whoever is ready first orders first. The Emily Post tradition is women order first. Fiddling with any gadget (e.g., a smartphone) is bad manners. Do not bring children to non-relevant restaurants (e.g., romantic places). Dress casually, the way they do in Los Angeles. Let the restaurant know if you can’t make it for a reservation. Enjoy yourself, but don’t overstay if there’s a line of people waiting to dine. Chivalry is dead except for the act of door-opening: men should open doors and women should let them. Customers should expect good food and service. Short of that, they have every right to be disappointed and tell all

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Traveling Internationally? Beware of Credit Card Currency Conversion Fees

Source: CreditCards.com There are plenty of us here at Boingo who travel internationally, whether for business or leisure. For the most part, we enjoy every minute of our international experiences. But as all travelers can attest to, there are certain inconveniences about visiting a foreign country. This USA Today article reminded us of one such inconvenience: credit card currency conversion fees. According to USA Today, most credit card companies charge around a 3% fee to the final cost for transactions in foreign countries. But there are a few banks and financial companies that offer lower or waived fees. We launched our own investigation of U.S. credit card programs, and here’s what we discovered: Bank of America Platinum Plus MasterCard charges 3% on each foreign transaction. When we asked if there was a loyalty program for longtime customers that waives this fee, the MasterCard representative replied “no.” The positives: there are no annual fees associated with this credit card program, and we earn an airline mile for every dollar charged. Chase United Mileage Plus Visa charges 3% on each foreign transaction. We asked if they offered any programs that waives this fee and were told that Visa charges this amount across

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Gogobot, a New Social Site for Travelers

Travis Katz thinks the online travel business  is in need of innovation. The former GM of MySpace is aiming to fill that void with Gogobot, a new social network for travelers. The site is designed to ease the unknowns and tedium of travel planning by tapping into a user’s network of family and friends for more personalized recommendations. Community members can post questions about a specific place (e.g., “What are the best two islands to visit in Greece?”), share travel experiences (e.g., “We enjoyed the most delicious steak at Mastro’s in Las Vegas.”) and showcase the places they’ve been to through a visual feature (photos, maps) called Passport. As Kara Swisher of All Things Digital puts it,  Gogobot is “like Facebook for trips.” However, as Travis clarified with us in an interview, “Gogobot is not trying to replicate Facebook — we’re simply building on top of existing social networks where people already have a core group of connections.” Gogobot users have the option of logging in through Facebook or Twitter and sharing travel questions/reviews to these networks. When we asked Travis to describe Gogobot in a nutshell, he responded: “People love going on trips but hate planning them. It’s hard

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The Boingo 2010 Gift Guide For Travelers

Need gifts for the travel junkie in your life? We polled road warriors on the Boingo staff, as well as those in the Boingo Facebook community, and rounded up our favorite suggestions. Boingo Employees: Amazon Kindle ($139 and up): “I’ve become very fond of my Kindle, especially as a traveling companion. The selection of books is great, as is the Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s more, the Kindle automatically syncs to my smartphone and PC.” — Jim Hamm, director of account management Apple iPad ($499 and up): “The one and only thing I absolutely *must* have when I’m traveling these days is my iPad. While I was skeptical of the iPad hoopla before it launched, I am now an unabashed convert. I use it in innumerable ways. The Kindle and Zinio apps allow me to bring along the three or four books and small stack of magazines I’m always juggling without taking up space in my carry on. I use the Maps and “Around Me” apps to figure out where I’m going or when I need to find a nail salon in a new city, pronto. I use my iPad on cross-country flights to catch up on podcasts (WNYC’s Radiolab and American

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Meet the World’s Worst Flight Attendant: A Travel Interview With Comedian Pam Ann

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the airplane. Your flight attendant today is the zany, the glitzy, and the outlandish Pam Ann. She may fail to give you the right safety instructions or bring you that Bloody Mary, but if you’re up for some laughs, sit back and enjoy the ride! Pam Ann, née Caroline Reid, is a well-loved comedian who poses as a fictitious flight attendant regaling her audience with the vulgarities and quirks of airline travel. Her subjects of parody include airline crews, travelers, and the laughably absurd shenanigans that arise within the confines of a plane’s cabin. Pam’s stand-up routines are in high demand anywhere airplanes fly, which means she pretty much travels around the globe. Below, she shares some of her travel tips. Is there a gadget you can’t live without? I can’t live without my Blackberry; it is very addictive. When you travel, what is the one item you always take with you? Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Great for long haul flights. What are you listening to your on your iPod these days? Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” What is your favorite city in the world and why?

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Prominent Doctor Recommends Swine Flu Vaccine, Esp. For Travellers

Introducing Dr. Enoch Choi, a Family Medicine partner in urgent care at Palo Alto Medical Foundation. In his spare time, Enoch is a prolific blogger, a clinical instructor at Stanford University School of Medicine, a volunteer at the Community Pregnancy Center of Mountain View, a member on various boards including the Menlo Park Presbyterian Church Medical Missions, an advisor for venture firms, a doting father, a dedicated husband, and a fantastic karaoke singer. This is far from an exhaustive list of all the things that make up Dr. Enoch Choi. That’s why “Renaissance Man” is an apt description for him. Recently, Dr. Choi spoke about the H1N1 virus (“swine flu”), emphasizing the importance of getting vaccinated. Even if you rarely get sick and don’t usually get the flu shot, he says, this year is the time to do it. People who are most vulnerable to H1N1? Pregnant women, those with already compromised immune systems, young children, and travelers. That’s right, you globetrotters! Even if you’re as healthy as a horse, get vaccinated because on the road, you’re exposed to a considerable amount of germs, including H1N1. To listen to Dr. Choi’s entire chat, please click here. Meanwhile, we delved into