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October is one of my favorite months with the Exceeding Expectations kids.  As you all know, our top priority for the kids is, and always will be, education. That said, every October we participate in two athletic events that I feel are significant in laying the groundwork necessary for them to be successful in the academic world and in their adult lives.  The first of these events is the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) triathlon, aptly called “The Best Day in Triathlon.” Here’s a brief overview from their website:  “In 1994, three friends started a triathlon fundraiser to help one man regain his independence after a tragic accident left him a quadriplegic. From one came many, and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) took root in the belief that sports and an active lifestyle are a pathway to more in life. Since that fundraiser 25 years ago, CAF has been committed to breaking the financial barrier that individuals with physical challenges face to participate in sports and live a healthy and active lifestyle.”  Participating alongside challenged athletes in a very tough race gives our kids an additional perspective on their own lives. The racers on the course with them face obstacles that they

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Will Google Drive (or Dropbox or Spotify or Hulu) Destroy Your Cellphone Bill?

If your cellphone provider is putting you on a data diet, what good is an inordinate amount of storage in the cloud? How useful are services like Spotify, Pandora, Hulu or Netflix on your phone if Verizon or AT&T make it ridiculously expensive to use on a regular basis or severely restrict your throughput once your “unlimited” account hits a data threshold? What are your data management strategies for using the cloud services you want to use without penalty? Continue reading

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Introducing: The New Generation of Online Music Services for iPhone Users

Make room Pandora, Last.fm and Spotify! According to this Mashable article, there are some new online music services in town and they’re tailored for specific scenarios and preferences for a more personalized experience. Have you tried any of these iPhone music apps and if so, what’s your verdict? Audiogalaxy Mobile (free): “…gives you cloud-based access to your entire music library without the need for syncing your phone or worrying about space.” sir Sampleton ($2.99): “…lets you do everything from recording or changing sounds to mixing beats, adding vibrato, and even saving recordings…fun way for both novices and more seasoned beat masters to get their groove on.” ooTunes Radio ($4.99): “Compiling audio from more than 30,000 streams in 150 countries, ooTunes Radio lets you create the exact playlist you want and gives you the chance to listen to radio shows from around the world.” Earworms ($0.99): “…use Earworms to send an audio clip to someone in the hopes that it’ll stick. This fun app features 20 songs; all you have to do is pick which one you want and email it.” SoundHound ($4.99): “Recognizes a user humming or singing a tune and will pull up all the relevant matches it finds.”

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In Your Ear With Alex Asseily

When he was five, Alexander Asseily fled Beirut with his family to escape the bombs. Since then, the thirty-four year-old co-founder and chairman of Aliph returns frequently to his homeland. When he talks about Beirut, there’s no mistaking the vivacity in his voice. Something else about Alexander’s voice? He’s got a British accent, acquired while growing up in London, where he briefly flirted with break dancing and, later during his teenage years, discovered the art of sculpting. At eighteen, Alexander made his next move: to college in California. There, our future headset hero could have chosen a very different path after starring in a short film project with Fred Savage (their costumes: disco gear). We know what Alexander did instead: along with college pal Hosain Rahman, he co-founded Aliph, maker of Jawbone headsets. Read my interview with the gracious Lebanese British gentleman, Alexander Asseily. What is the meaning of your company’s name, “Aliph?” The name Aliph is the first letter of the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets. What’s the most you’ve traveled within the period of a year? In 2006, when we were developing the first Jawbone Bluetooth headset, I circled the globe – between San Francisco, Hong Kong and London