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It’s time to celebrate—Boingo style! We’ve been awarded our eighth Global Traveler award for “Best WiFi Service” and to celebrate we’re kicking off 8 Days of Giveaways to give our awesome fans the chance to win a VIP travel tech kit. This kit is loaded with all the tech essentials you need on the go—like earbuds, a phone charger, flash drive and of course free Boingo Wi-Fi for a year with access to more than a million hotspots around the globe. Join in on the celebration! To enter our 8 Days of Giveaways, head to Twitter and simply tweet @boingo what YOU are celebrating this year using the hashtag #BoingoCelebr8. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a big client win, running your first marathon or something else, we want to hear your reason for raising a glass. Boingo’s 8 Days of Giveaways will run December 8-15, 2017. One winner will be announced each day.    

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Boingo Summer Travels 2011: A Photo Slideshow With Animoto

Click play on the video above and check out the array of destinations visited by the Boingo community this past summer in 2011. Just a word of caution: the photos could trigger or exacerbate the post-summer blues. If you’ve seen our videos before, you might recognize that we often use Animoto to produce our videos. Unlike standard photo slideshow programs with static presentations, Animoto creates polished and animated visual stories that look polished and professional. The company says the foundation of their platform is a “patent-pending Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that thinks like an actual director and editor.” We couldn’t tell you what that means exactly but we can guarantee that the resulting production — complete with a music soundtrack — will make you look like a cinematic genius. Animoto offers a range of pricing plans, including: Lite for free, Plus for $30/year, Pro for $249/year and a Reseller option for $499/year. Here’s a quick tutorial on the Animoto user interface: Step 1: Choose a template. Animoto offers various background templates, some of which are available to free accounts. There are also several holiday themes. Step 2: Upload photos and/or video clips. You can retrieve media from your computer, Facebook,

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A Special Invitation For LA Denizens: Come Shop With Boingo Wi-Fi

As we mentioned earlier this week, Boingo Wi-Fi is up and running at LA-based shopping centers The Grove and The Americana at Brand. Naturally, this calls for a little celebration! If you’re in Los Angeles during the next two weekends, come shoot the breeze with the Boingo team of ambassadors at The Grove and The Americana at Brand. In return for the pleasure of your company, we’ll be offering free Wi-Fi on smartphones, free ice cream and a free iPad for one lucky somebody. Event details: Dates, Locations and Times: September 17 & 18 at The Grove from 11AM to 7PM September 24 & 25 at The Americana at Brand from 11AM to 7PM Free Gifts: Get a free ice cream voucher by downloading the Boingo app to your smartphone. Show a Boingo ambassador and the scoop’s on us! Login to the free Wi-Fi at The Grove this weekend or The Americana next weekend and register for a chance to win an iPad. Boingo ambassadors will be on hand to quickly walk you through the process. Bring the family and friends because there is plenty of merriment for everyone:  shops for the fashionable, tasty bites for foodies and theatres for movie-lovers. We recently enjoyed it

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Rocking With My Roku

Recently, my voracious appetite for movies led me to discover Roku, a streaming player that allows me access to a world wide web library of movies, shows, music, videos, podcasts, games, and more. I’ve only had the Roku player for five days but I already know: it’s my #1 recommendation for a gadget gift this holiday season. (I am not affiliated in any way with the company other than as a customer.) Here’s the high-level: Cost: $59/$79/$99. Click here to compare the three different models (I went for it with the $99 model) Includes: Roku streaming player (4.9 x 4.9 x 1.2 inches; roughly the size and weight of a paperback book), HDMI cable, composite AV cable, remote control and batteries, power adapter Required: television, high-speed Internet, e.g., Wi-Fi Setting up the Roku player was easy: the HDMI/AV cable connects the Roku and the television, and the power adapter connects the Roku to the electrical socket in the wall. Just power on and select the Wi-Fi connection; no special software involved. Next, I did a tour of the default channels: Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, and Pandora. To access the shows and music on those channels, I had to validate