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I finished my season three weeks ago, but that didn’t mean I had no more events on the calendar. In fact, my schedule was loaded with trips and events. First off was an Olympic race in Santa Barbara. Then we’d be off to Kona – not to race this year, but as spectators. We planned to hurry home from the Big Island in time to participate in the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) event in San Diego, followed by the Tram Challenge in Palm Springs the week after. And the list of activities went on and on. But those plans came to a screeching halt in the blink of an eye. Remember that Olympic race in Santa Barbara? Well, that’s where the unraveling began with a bike collision one mile from T2. Fortunately, the other rider was unharmed. Me…. not so much. I’m sitting here today with four fractures in my pelvis, which means no weight-bearing for 4-6 weeks. If you are an athlete or live with one, you know that hearing this is like a death sentence. Now, this most certainly is an exaggeration, but in the first moments after hearing these words, that’s what it feels like. And, in

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Boingo Q&A: Hipmunk — The Hippest Travel Search Around

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “What’s a hipmunk?” Well, your search is over! Travel search, that is. Steve Huffman and Adam Goldstein, the founders of Hipmunk, created a visual, intuitive travel search site that makes booking trips easy and calendar integration simple. We recently spoke with Steve and Adam and asked them a few questions about their journey, their product, and travel savvy. Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday Deals – 08/16/11

Play unlimited golf and stay in a rustic log cabin in Northern Michigan for $149 per night (or $238 for two nights). Rates are for stays Mondays through Thursdays, September 12-October 13, 2011 at the Garland Lodge & Resort. Rooms feature cathedral ceilings and stained glass windows, and the surrounding grounds hold four full golf courses (72 holes).  (Via Lonely Planet) End your summer with a bang and go ziplining between the trees in Portland, Oregon! Seriously — and bring the kids. The adventure takes place at Tree to Tree Park, “a playground in the trees featuring aerial ropes courses, zip lines and tree-top obstacles.” Admission is $45 per adult and $25-35 per child. Stay at a participating hotel and add some wine touring along the Sip 47 wine route. Hotel accommodations range from $109 to $249. (Via Frommer’s Travel) Enjoy a two-week Mediterranean cruise that will be a feast for the eyes, as well as fodder for the brain. Swan Hellenic is offering a tour of the most historic ports in Athens, Greece, Sicily and Italy that will be curated by experts in ancient history and geology. The price per person starts at $1899, and the cruise departs on October 14, 2011 from Athens. (Via Sherman’s Travel)

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Gogobot, a New Social Site for Travelers

Travis Katz thinks the online travel business  is in need of innovation. The former GM of MySpace is aiming to fill that void with Gogobot, a new social network for travelers. The site is designed to ease the unknowns and tedium of travel planning by tapping into a user’s network of family and friends for more personalized recommendations. Community members can post questions about a specific place (e.g., “What are the best two islands to visit in Greece?”), share travel experiences (e.g., “We enjoyed the most delicious steak at Mastro’s in Las Vegas.”) and showcase the places they’ve been to through a visual feature (photos, maps) called Passport. As Kara Swisher of All Things Digital puts it,  Gogobot is “like Facebook for trips.” However, as Travis clarified with us in an interview, “Gogobot is not trying to replicate Facebook — we’re simply building on top of existing social networks where people already have a core group of connections.” Gogobot users have the option of logging in through Facebook or Twitter and sharing travel questions/reviews to these networks. When we asked Travis to describe Gogobot in a nutshell, he responded: “People love going on trips but hate planning them. It’s hard

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On-the-Road Fitness: Getting Mentally and Physically Ready For That Important Business Meeting

Visualize this: You check into the hotel at 10:00 p.m. You’re tired and hungry. You’ve spent all day at your desk, in a taxi or on the plane, and your body is stiff and sore. You have an 8:00 a.m. meeting tomorrow morning and you need to be “on.” Does this sound familiar? Does to me. I spent many years experiencing this sort of thing. Let me give you a few thoughts on how you might best take care of yourself in this situation. First of all – avoid the temptation to rush to the mini-bar in an attempt to address your hunger. Whatever you find there will do more harm than good. Instead reach into your briefcase and pull out the decaffeinated tea bag that you always carry with you. Nearly every hotel has a coffee maker that you can use to heat water. Also in your bag should be a small baggie of unsalted walnuts and almonds mixed with some dried fruit. Eat this to take the edge off your hunger without leaving you full of empty calories. Snack on these as you unpack and get yourself set up for tomorrow morning. At the same time, start a