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It’s time to celebrate—Boingo style! We’ve been awarded our eighth Global Traveler award for “Best WiFi Service” and to celebrate we’re kicking off 8 Days of Giveaways to give our awesome fans the chance to win a VIP travel tech kit. This kit is loaded with all the tech essentials you need on the go—like earbuds, a phone charger, flash drive and of course free Boingo Wi-Fi for a year with access to more than a million hotspots around the globe. Join in on the celebration! To enter our 8 Days of Giveaways, head to Twitter and simply tweet @boingo what YOU are celebrating this year using the hashtag #BoingoCelebr8. Whether it’s a milestone birthday, a big client win, running your first marathon or something else, we want to hear your reason for raising a glass. Boingo’s 8 Days of Giveaways will run December 8-15, 2017. One winner will be announced each day.    

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10 Film Festivals and the Boingo Hotspots in Those Cities

If you’re a film buff, check out Cheapflights.com’s list of top ten film festivals worldwide.  To help you stay connected online while you’re enjoying the cinema experience, we’ve provided links below to the Boingo hotspots available in each festival’s city. Have you attended any of the film festivals on this top ten list? Tell us about your experiences! 1. Sundance Film Festival – Park City, Utah, United States Click here to see a list of 29 Boingo hotspots in Park City, Utah 2. International Film Festival Rotterdam – the Netherlands Click here to see a list of 177 Boingo hotspots in Rotterdam, Netherlands 3. Cannes International Film Festival – Cannes, France Click here to see a list of 348 Boingo hotspots in Cannes, France 4. Guadalajara Film Festival – Guadalajara, Mexico Click here to see a list of 175 Boingo hotspots in Guadalajara, Mexico 5. Rooftop Films – New York, New York, United States Click here to see a list of 877 Boingo hotspots in New York, New York 6. Toronto International Film Festival – Toronto, Canada Click here to see a list of 264 Boingo hotspots in Toronto, Canada 7. Venice International Film Festival – Venice, Italy Click here to see a list of 63 Boingo hotspots in Venice, Italy 8. Hong

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The Uncornered Market on Five Berlin Favorites

Meet Dan and Audrey, the husband and wife team who have been “measuring the Earth” by way of sixty-five countries in over four years. They’re adventurers with a love of street food (guinea pig excluded), traveling by public transport (yes, even chicken buses) and meeting people from all walks of life all over the world. They’re accustomed to wearing many hats, often shedding their dusty traveling clothes for professional presentations, conferences and projects. The love of travel is only one reason that keeps Dan and Audrey on the road. The couple also aims to “humanize” the places they visit by sharing articles, photos, videos and audiocasts on their blog, Uncornered Market. Equally important is their hope that through personal interactions with people all over the world, they will “alter the view of America that people get from” the media and pop culture. They consider these efforts to be a form of public diplomacy. Find out more about Dan and Audrey’s journey, learnings and recommendations on their blog. You can also follow along with their journey on Twitter and Facebook. Currently, Boingo members Dan and Audrey are touring Berlin, and they were kind enough to share their top five recommendations for

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Tuesday Travel Deals: 5/03/2011

  If you’re going to Florence, Italy in the next couple of months and you’re a fan of Picasso, Miro and/or Dali, then be sure to stop by the Palazzo Strozzi for the Birth of Modernity exhibit featuring over sixty early works of these artists. Tickets are a bargain at only €10 (kids under the age of six get free admission; senior citizens and university students get discounted admission of €8.50). The exhibit is open from now until July 17, 2011. Book online. Feeling a pull to relax on a beach in Latin America? Continental Airlines is offering roundtrip tickets to Latin America for as low as $278. Fly from select U.S. cities including: Austin, Boston,  Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Orlando, Portland, San Diego and more. Destinations in Latin America include: Cancun, Cabo, Belize, Costa Rica and more. Fares are non-refundable and subject to specific travel dates. (Via Travel+Leisure) Explore Germany with Rail Europe’s Rail ‘n Drive 25% off discount on rail and rental car travel. Travel is unlimited, meaning you get to ride by rail and/or drive a car as many times and as far as you want within your  choice of 2, 3, or 4 days within 1 month, consecutively or not. Price starts at $255,

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10 Cool Outdoor Cinemas Around the World

Watching a movie on a big screen al fresco ranks among our most memorable travel experiences. We’ve watched films under the night sky and stars in Munich, Paris and Denver — each experience was unique in its setting and cultural flavor. All three were festive outings that included friends, picnics and wine. Unfortunately, there aren’t an abundance of outdoor cinemas around the world (maybe this will change over the years), but below is a list of ten that are just beginning to launch their summer screenings (note that locations in Australia, which offers several outdoor cinemas, are not included as their summer season is over). Have you watched a movie at any of the open-air cinemas below or elsewhere? 1. Athens, Greece – Zefyros Outdoor Cinema The scene: Screenings are located in a courtyard behind a bright pink building View of lovely garden Chairs available Movies: classics (mainly American) in original language with Greek subtitles Ticket price: €8/person Food and drink: bring a picnic or purchase snacks from concessions Showtimes: two showings, one at 9 PM and another at 11 PM Opening months: June through September Click here for more info 2. Barcelona, Spain – Montjuic Castle The scene: Open

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11 Unforgettable Hotel Bars Around the World

The NileGuide features eleven of the world’s most unique hotel bars (stunning photos included). Seriously, these are not your everyday pubs. Hotel La Purificadora’s roof top bar in Puebla, Mexico: “One of the hotel’s most impressive features is its roof top bar which runs parallel to a long glass-walled swimming pool.” The Salt Hotel’s bar in the Uyani Salt Flats, Bolivia: “Even the bar area is built with the practicality of salt in mind. The stools, tables, chairs, benches, etc. are all fashioned out of the surprisingly useful building material…one important rule, ‘Please Don’t Lick The Walls!’” The Fairmont’s Tonga Room in San Francisco, California: “Unexpected sprinkler-produced “rainstorms” shower into the pool with booming thunder and lightening every few minutes, and the dance floor is made from the planks of the SS Forester, one of the last schooners that sailed between San Francisco and the South Seas.” Cellar Bar at the Bryant Park Hotel in New York City: “If the word “cellar” conjures up images of cold, dark, underground rooms, you’re not alone. But, Cellar Bar, with its vaulted, gray brick-facade ceiling, wrought-iron candelabra chandeliers, and blood-red bar backdrop, puts a sexy spin on the underground.” ICEHOTEL’s Absolut ICEBAR in

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Meet the World’s Worst Flight Attendant: A Travel Interview With Comedian Pam Ann

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the airplane. Your flight attendant today is the zany, the glitzy, and the outlandish Pam Ann. She may fail to give you the right safety instructions or bring you that Bloody Mary, but if you’re up for some laughs, sit back and enjoy the ride! Pam Ann, née Caroline Reid, is a well-loved comedian who poses as a fictitious flight attendant regaling her audience with the vulgarities and quirks of airline travel. Her subjects of parody include airline crews, travelers, and the laughably absurd shenanigans that arise within the confines of a plane’s cabin. Pam’s stand-up routines are in high demand anywhere airplanes fly, which means she pretty much travels around the globe. Below, she shares some of her travel tips. Is there a gadget you can’t live without? I can’t live without my Blackberry; it is very addictive. When you travel, what is the one item you always take with you? Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. Great for long haul flights. What are you listening to your on your iPod these days? Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” What is your favorite city in the world and why?