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Sometimes we read that technology can add stress to our lives. Maybe we’re biased, but we say technology can help relieve stress, and even improve mental health! As we observe our annual Health Week, we‘ve asked some of our coworkers how they relax. Here’s what they shared:

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A Special Boingo Customer Event at the Washington State Ferries

Boingo is in the business of keeping you connected, and (in case you haven’t noticed) we crave connections with our community. That’s why we’re on social networks like Twitter and Facebook taking in your feedback, troubleshooting any hiccups and curating discussions about travel and tech. But the best is when we meet and thank our customers in person. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at the Washington State Ferries this week. Today (Thursday, 11/17/2011) is the final and biggest day of our customer celebration event at the Washington State Ferries. We’re giving away goodies that include complimentary Wi-Fi passes, free coffee, Boingo schwag, and more. Find us at the Colman Dock from 8:30AM – 5:30PM today, Thursday the 17th. Come by and give us a chance to shower you with appreciation. And of course, we’re all ears for feedback or troubleshooting requests. As always, thank you for being a Boingo customer.

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Zagat Guide Re-Defines Rules of Dining Etiquette

Tim Zagat, co-founder of dining and entertainment Zagat guides, says it’s time to establish new dining etiquette. As we read through the list, we keep wondering: how do these rules apply in different countries worldwide? Seasoned travelers, what are some region-specific dining etiquette that you’ve encountered? Here’s a summary of Zagat’s “10 New Rules of Dining Etiquette:” Men and women deserve equal service quality. According to Zagat, most diners  think men receive better service because they’re perceived as the bill payers. The person who invites pays the bill unless an agreement made in advance says otherwise. Whoever is ready first orders first. The Emily Post tradition is women order first. Fiddling with any gadget (e.g., a smartphone) is bad manners. Do not bring children to non-relevant restaurants (e.g., romantic places). Dress casually, the way they do in Los Angeles. Let the restaurant know if you can’t make it for a reservation. Enjoy yourself, but don’t overstay if there’s a line of people waiting to dine. Chivalry is dead except for the act of door-opening: men should open doors and women should let them. Customers should expect good food and service. Short of that, they have every right to be disappointed and tell all

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Social Media For Business: A Marketing or Customer Care Strategy?

There seems to be growing debate among businesses over whether to use social media as a marketing or customer care channel. While I can’t speak to what’s best for other organizations, I’ll share with you what seems to work for Boingo and our customers. Boingo’s social media efforts are geared primarily at providing support to customers. We’re in the business of keeping people online. If our customers encounter difficulty, we want to know and we want to fix it. It’s that simple for us. Customers contact us by phone, email, and increasingly via Twitter and Facebook. We want to be where our customers are so, for example, if they choose to tweet to us for help, they can count on us to tweet a reply. When we’re not answering questions or troubleshooting via our social media channels, we’re secondarily focused on having a conversation with our community. Since Boingo customers are predominantly travelers and/or tech enthusiasts, we post news about travel and technology. We’re often delighted by the conversations and debates spurred by these news items. On occasion, we use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to post news about Boingo, e.g., new hotspot locations, partnerships, software updates, product integrations and most

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Need to Reach Boingo? Send Us a Tweet!

With 300 million people on Facebook, 8 million daily visitors on Twitter, and 40 million members on LinkedIn, social media is now the #1 online activity in the world (over porn). Just imagine the number of conversations taking place at any given time as people keep in touch with friends and family, share information, and express themselves. But social media is no longer just about making conversation; it has become an important channel for customers to communicate with companies. According to a recent USA Today article, 58% of survey respondents said if they tweeted about a bad experience, “they would like the company to respond to their comment.” Frankly, it surprises me that *only* 58% of Twitterers expect to be heard when they have a complaint. The fact is, many of you are reaching out to Boingo via social media sites, and our goal is to respond to all of you. Here are some examples of how we’ve got our ear to the social media ground: A customer at the airport had trouble connecting to Boingo on his smartphone and tweeted about it. We responded and determined (yes, in 140 characters) that the user needed to update his Boingo Mobile