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Windows device users, rejoice! Available today, the new Windows 10 OS will make connecting to Wi-Fi simple, secure and seamless through support of the revolutionary Passpoint Wi-Fi protocols. For those who haven’t gotten the Passpoint 411, this new technology has the power to connect users with enabled devices to Wi-Fi networks with no user action required. Passpoint finds and connects to Passpoint-enabled Wi-Fi signals automatically. No more trying to find a signal, and login screens are a thing of the past.

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DAS Scores in Stadiums

With advanced connectivity at no cost to the fans, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are in the running for 2013 stadium MVP. So, what’s a DAS anyway? Read on to learn more about this powerful network technology and how DAS systems benefit fans and venue owners. Continue reading

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World Startup Report: 16 Countries and Counting (Guest Post from Bowei Gai)

Guest blogger and World Startup Report founder Bowei Gai shares what he’s learned about the world’s startup community after a 6 month, 16 country trip that’s given him the opportunity to have thousands of startup conversations. Continue reading

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Wi-Fi Advertising Innovator Presents at WBA Wi-Fi Global Congress

Boingo’s Wi-Fi ad expert Sebastian Tonkin shared an “insider’s look” at Wi-Fi sponsorship and advertising at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in London. Want to learn more about one of the hottest arenas in mobile advertising? Read on. Continue reading

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Like Boingo’s Wi-Finder App? Nominate Us For Best iPhone Travel App!

  If you’ve been using Boingo’s Wi-Finder app to access hotspots on your Apple iOS device, would you do us the honor of nominating Boingo for Best iPhone Travel App for About.com’s Reader’s Choice Awards? Our aim with Wi-Finder for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is to help you find and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, whether you’re around town or traveling on the road. We also want to help you keep down your monthly smartphone bill by offering you the option of connecting to Wi-Fi so you don’t run the risk of surpassing your cellular monthly megabyte limit and/or racking up roaming fees. So if Wi-Finder is doing its job for you, we’d be grateful if you took a minute to nominate Boingo. Click here to get started. Simply login through Facebook or About.com and cast y our vote. Many thanks!

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Has Wi-Fi Become a “Must Have” for Home Entertainment Devices?

Hot on the heels of CES, the research firm NPD In-Stat released research this week about the significant growth in integrated Wi-Fi support for everything from digital TVs and Blu-ray players, to game consoles, picture frames and set top boxes. The company’s VP of research claims that Wi-Fi has moved from a “nice-to-have” feature to a “must-have” feature for any new consumer entertainment device, because consumers expect to be able to move content from device to device, and Wi-Fi’s established market penetration — along with new uses made possible by innovations like Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi Display — makes it the obvious technology of choice. As a self-avowed tech wonk (and longtime Internet nutjob), all of my network-enabled TVs, Blu-ray players, and set-top boxes (including an Apple TV) are connected to the Internet and are accessible to each other. But I’m a nutjob. And since I was ahead of the curve, I had to find ways to get Ethernet cables to each device, since they weren’t Wi-Fi enabled. But this ultimately created a much better content ecosystem for our family. How so? We use Apple’s Remote application to play music and videos throughout the house on various available speakers and

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Dave Graveline of “Into Tomorrow” Interviews CEO Dave Hagan at CES 2012 [Video]

According to Dave Graveline of “Into Tomorrow,” “Boingo saves the day!” Graveline, an award-winning broadcaster covering technology, has been a longtime Boingo member since the days when we had just over 10,000 hotspots. In the video above, Graveline interviews Boingo CEO Dave Hagan on the company’s progress over the last decade — from the growth of our Wi-Fi ecosystem, the apps we’ve built for easy online access, the Wi-Fi operator partnerships we’ve forged, to how we’ve met the insatiable demand for Internet bandwidth on mobile devices. Watch the video to take a walk down memory lane with Boingo and hear CEO Dave Hagan discuss his vision for the company going forward. We’re especially charmed that Dave Graveline is such a fan of Boingo Wi-Fi. Our favorite Graveline quote: “Travel requires not just Wi-Fi; it requires Boingo.”    

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Got Fire? Now There’s a Boingo Wi-Fi App for Kindle Fire Owners!

Splendid news for eReader fans: we have officially launched the Boingo Wi-Fi app for the Amazon Kindle Fire! You can download the free app from the Amazon Appstore for Android. The Boingo Wi-Fi app helps you locate and connect to free and Boingo hotspots worldwide. Get online at over 400,000 Boingo hotspots on your Kindle Fire and download movies, music, magazines, books, games and more.  If you already have a Boingo account, just launch the app and enter your login information. Or, you can sign up for a new account directly from the app. Own a Barnes & Noble Nook Color? There’s a Boingo Wi-Fi app for that, too.

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A Special Boingo Customer Event at the Washington State Ferries

Boingo is in the business of keeping you connected, and (in case you haven’t noticed) we crave connections with our community. That’s why we’re on social networks like Twitter and Facebook taking in your feedback, troubleshooting any hiccups and curating discussions about travel and tech. But the best is when we meet and thank our customers in person. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing at the Washington State Ferries this week. Today (Thursday, 11/17/2011) is the final and biggest day of our customer celebration event at the Washington State Ferries. We’re giving away goodies that include complimentary Wi-Fi passes, free coffee, Boingo schwag, and more. Find us at the Colman Dock from 8:30AM – 5:30PM today, Thursday the 17th. Come by and give us a chance to shower you with appreciation. And of course, we’re all ears for feedback or troubleshooting requests. As always, thank you for being a Boingo customer.

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3000 New Hotspots in Japan Bring Boingo APAC Coverage to 150,000+ Locations

Today, we announced a new roaming partnership with Wire and Wireless (Wi2) that adds 3000 hotspots to the Boingo network in Japan. This brings the number of Boingo locations to almost 9000 in Japan and over 150,000 in the Asia Pacific region. Kanpai! Meeting the Wi-Fi needs of the international community has been (and continues to be) one of Boingo’s key areas of focus. For Asia Pacific, specifically, our 2011 efforts thus far include: The just-announced 3000 hotspots with Wi2 40,000 new hotspots in Korea via an agreement with LG Uplus The international release of iOS Boingo Wi-Finder Credits app An unlimited Asia-Pacific Wi-Fi plan that covers over twenty-five countries at one low rate The addition of New Bangkok Airport to Boingo’s managed and operated network We want to be the go-to Wi-Fi provider for those living and traveling through the Asia Pacific region, so we look for your continued suggestions on how we’re doing, and how we can serve you even better.