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October is one of my favorite months with the Exceeding Expectations kids.  As you all know, our top priority for the kids is, and always will be, education. That said, every October we participate in two athletic events that I feel are significant in laying the groundwork necessary for them to be successful in the academic world and in their adult lives.  The first of these events is the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) triathlon, aptly called “The Best Day in Triathlon.” Here’s a brief overview from their website:  “In 1994, three friends started a triathlon fundraiser to help one man regain his independence after a tragic accident left him a quadriplegic. From one came many, and Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) took root in the belief that sports and an active lifestyle are a pathway to more in life. Since that fundraiser 25 years ago, CAF has been committed to breaking the financial barrier that individuals with physical challenges face to participate in sports and live a healthy and active lifestyle.”  Participating alongside challenged athletes in a very tough race gives our kids an additional perspective on their own lives. The racers on the course with them face obstacles that they

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Is ‘Luxury Layover’ an Oxymoron? Not According to Moreton

In the last decade, people have come to associate airports and airplanes as places of stress and inconvenience. Moreton Binn, however, remembers a time when air travel was enjoyable, even glamorous. Call him nostalgic, but he aims to bring back the allure of travel. He can’t control security lines and flight schedules, but he can make your layover comfortable, relaxing, and even luxurious. Introducing XpresSpa, an airport spa service — founded by Moreton and his wife, Marisol — that offers massages, reflexology, facials, waxing, and mani/pedis while you wait for your flight. Globetrotters in their own right, Marisol and Moreton designed the XpresSpa experience to accommodate various travel scenarios — from quickie foot rubs for short connections, to indulgent 60-minute massages/facials for long layovers. Besides a pampering at one of XpresSpa’s twenty-six airport locations, how else does Moreton travel in comfort and style? Find out in our interview below. What is your favorite city in the world and why? My hometown, New York City. It’s an international cultural city with everything you could possibly want. What is your favorite dining spot in the world? New York City with its 15,000 places to eat. An offbeat favorite is a Shanghai Chinese

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Come Fly With Captain Daniel Langworthy

Captain Daniel Langworthy, an international pilot for a major airline, is a self-described “ordinary guy.” His aviation experience includes a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science, years as a pilot instructor, numerous flights to the deepest parts of Africa, and safe landings through the “worst weather imaginable.” In total, Daniel has flown to over 268 cities and 34 countries. He loves flying so much, he says he’d gladly do it for free. I don’t know about you, but to me, Captain Langworthy doesn’t quite fit the definition of “ordinary.” And the reality is, we travelers should be thankful for the extraordinary training pilots undergo in order to safely transport us to our destinations. That’s why I always make a point to thank the pilots when I’m disembarking from the plane. In between flying 737s, 767s, 757s and DC-10s, Daniel took the time to do a travel interview with us. Flight attendants, please prepare the cabin for this most impressive (and humble!) pilot. What are the key personality traits that a good pilot should have? A good pilot is efficient, logical, and an excellent multi-tasker. A pilot should also be a good people person. If you are going to spend the

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The Cantankerous Traveler’s Top 10 Pet Peeves

I love airplanes and still find it amazing that such pieces of machinery are capable of transporting me through the air to a  business meeting an hour away or to a vacation halfway around the world. However, I often lose sight of this appreciation because of all the inconvenient, annoying, ridiculous, and dumb things that happen during the process of traveling. Below are the top 10 things that turn me into a thankless, cantankerous traveler. How do they compare to your travel pet peeves? The Security Line Cutter: I confess that I have been the very person I am about to scorn — the traveler who arrives at the airport minutes before her flight and gets to skip to the front of the security line. All you have to do show your boarding pass stamped with the imminent take-off time, and security will escort you past all the organized and punctual people waiting diligently and responsibly in line. I deserved all the dirty looks I got when I pulled off this stunt. Get to the airport in plenty of time. The Stinker: I understand some people/cultures don’t wear deodorant (my beloved uncle is one of them), but pungent body odor