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A corporate communications manager for Boingo, Younjee’s experience and interests span technology, marketing communications, travel, pop culture, and domestic divadom. When not at the office glued to her beloved new MacBook Pro, you can find her spoiling her dog rotten or experimenting with recipes—refining the art of eating home.

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Austin Bergstrom-International Airport has always been a tech trailblazer. This year they became one of the first airports in the world to offer seamless, secure Wi-Fi through Boingo’s Passpoint Secure network. Read on for more details, and to check out our case study video! Continue reading

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State of Airport Wireless Q1 2014

Levering data from more than 30 high-traffic North American airports. Boingo’s State of Airport Wireless Q1 2014 report reveals business intelligence to provide timely insight into passenger traffic patterns, airport industry wireless trends, and more. Continue reading

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Mobile and Travel: From Looking to Booking

Smartphones and tablets have changed the way consumers research and plan travel, and now mobile is poised to become a vital channel for bookings. This year, mobile travel bookings will account for 18% of the U.S. online travel market, and the figure will surge to over 25% in 2015. Continue reading

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Nelson Mandela Top Spot on Google Zeitgeist 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, there’s no shortage of top 10 lists summarizing the top people, places, faces, videos and [insert trend or topic here] of this past year. Continue reading

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The Death of Bricks-and-Mortar Retail: Reports Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Despite some conjecture that bricks-and-mortar stores are in danger of becoming showrooms for online-only retailers like Amazon, reports of their death have been greatly exaggerated. Last year, 92% of consumer spending took place in physical stores, and the store is the preferred channel across all ages and household incomes. Continue reading

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Boingo VP of Int’l Markets Presents at WiFi World Summit

Boingo’s Bjorn Thorgren delivered a presentation on Next Generation Hotspot at the WiFi World Summit in London. He addressed the importance of roaming relationships in the Next Generation Hotspot/Hotspot 2.0 era and shared some remarkable stats on Boingo’s roaming partner traffic growth. Continue reading

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The Advertising Shift: Less Traditional, More Mobile

As consumers spend more time with digital media and mobile devices, the world’s leading brands including P&G are shifting their advertising budgets from traditional media such as print, to digital and mobile channels to reach consumers where they are: online and on the go. Continue reading

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Boingo Business Intelligence Guru Presents to Payment Execs at DRF

Boingo’s Juliana Tsai presented a session on business intelligence (BI) for the financial services industry at the Direct Response Forum, the must-attend annual conference for top payment professionals who collectively represent billions of dollars in credit and debit card transactions every year. Continue reading

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Alaska Photo Essay (Guest Post from earthXplorer JD Andrews)

Adventure driven visual storyteller and earthXplorer JD Andrews has covered 87 countries and all 7 continents, but who’s counting? We’re thrilled to share his stunning photo essay from a recent trip to Alaska with you. Continue reading

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Free to Be You and Meme

Have you ever added your own funny caption to a popular online image, like Grumpy Cat, and shared it via your social network? Whether you realize it or not, you’ve contributed to a cultural phenomenon known as a “meme.”
Continue reading

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Shop (Smart) Til You Drop

In-store device usage is on the rise according to a recent Ipsos Public Affairs survey: 76% of smartphone and tablet owners use their gadgets for in-store shopping research. And for those in the 18-34 age group, the figure spikes to 89%. Continue reading