About The Authors


Cherie Gruenfeld, Boingo's Chief Fitness Guru and official butt-kicker, is an Ironman age group champion and world record holder. She is a grand masters triathlete — a sport in which she didn't even start competing in until her 40s — proving that top fitness is achievable at any age. She has raced in more than 25 Ironman triathlons, has 17 wins overall, and has won her age group at the Ironman World Championships a whopping 12 times. She's also an incredible fitness coach with great insights on goal setting and fitness on the road. Have a question for Cherie? Email her at askcherie@boingo.com.


Christian Gunning -- Boingo's vice president of corporate communication -- has been with the company since its beginning in 2001. Always willing to regale you with stories of the early days when Wi-Fi was still called 802.11b and we had to explain how you could get the Internet without a wire, he's grown to love the new world where wireless Internet is expected.


With over 20 years' experience in the cutthroat telecommunications arena, Dave has developed a knack for adventure -- and a need for speed -- in the boardroom, on the road and in the wild. An avid motorcyclist and vintage racecar driver, Dave is right at home in LA -- and he loves the fact that only a couple hours separate him and a good wine tasting in Napa Valley!


Dawn is one of the rarest breeds of Southern Californians — a native. She has nearly 20 years of experience marketing technology, which means she's a nerd at heart (and we say that in the most loving way possible). When not at her day job as CMO of Boingo, Dawn spends time in a never-ending quest for the perfect margarita. (Rocks/salt, natch.)

Hopping John

Hopping John is a seasoned world traveler, gallivanting across the globe as he moves from adventure to adventure. Along for the ride are a wide array of smartphones, tablets, laptops, handheld game consoles and Wi-Fi enabled cameras — every one of them configured for Boingo access. There's no hotspot too far to visit, as he continues his quest for total Wi-Fi consciousness. Gunga, gunga la-gunga.

Jay Pearson

Jay is Consumer Marketing Manager for Boingo Wireless. He is responsible for all marketing tactics and social media associated with Boingo's customer-facing products. When not working or attending one of his kid’s activities, he enjoys running and biking at the beach, hunting for old German cars and rooting for the UCSB Gauchos and Arsenal F.C.


Katie is a corporate communications manager for Boingo Wireless. When Katie is not talking Wi-Fi with media, you’re likely to find her doing her best imitation of a culture vulture at concerts, comedy shows, movies and museums. She’s a pop culture factoid collector, a proud USC Trojan, and enjoys indoor sports like board games and air hockey.


A corporate communications manager for Boingo, Younjee’s experience and interests span technology, marketing communications, travel, pop culture, and domestic divadom. When not at the office glued to her beloved new MacBook Pro, you can find her spoiling her dog rotten or experimenting with recipes—refining the art of eating out...at home.