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Christian Gunning -- Boingo's vice president of corporate communication -- has been with the company since its beginning in 2001. Always willing to regale you with stories of the early days when Wi-Fi was still called 802.11b and we had to explain how you could get the Internet without a wire, he's grown to love the new world where wireless Internet is expected.

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Recently ad tech company Brightroll produced their annual Agency Survey, to highlight current advertising trends. You know what’s awesome? Boingo Media, the world’s largest Wi-Fi advertising platform, is in lock-step with several of the survey’s key takeaways:

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Heartbleed Bug Impact @ Boingo

We are still reviewing all of our systems to determine potential impact from the Heartbleed bug discovered earlier this week. The good news is that our preliminary reviews show that most Boingo customers should be unaffected. This means that usernames, passwords and credit card information provided during signup and login should not have been exposed by Heartbleed. The one group of customers who have been at risk include ones who have used the Boingo VPN service. As a precaution, we have taken this service offline and will bring it back up once we have updated the necessary components to eliminate the bug. For now, customers will be unable to use the Boingo VPN service. Once the patches are complete, we will send an update to all customers who have used the VPN service in the past, advising them to update their passwords. Just for clarification, the Heartbleed bug means that the exploit existed in the server, but it does not mean that a hacker actually used the exploit to gain information. So even for services that were exposed, the likelihood that information was taken is relatively low. But since there is no way to know whether or not it has

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Hotspot 2.0: New Airports, New Supported Devices

Boingo’s Hotspot 2.0 airports now support Macintosh OS X (Mavericks) in addition to iPhone 5s, iPads and iPod Touches running iOS 7. There are now 23 airports, with the addition of Boston Logan and Billings Logan International airports. Continue reading

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Infographic: Wi-Fi Offload

Insatiable demand for wireless broadband and bandwidth-hungry Wi-Fi devices are straining cellular networks. Find out how Wi-Fi offload is helping ease network congestion and addressing the capacity crunch. Continue reading

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Burgeoning demand for more Internet has inspired a variety of ad options that suit the needs of airports, hotels and coffee shops alike, helping to offset the costs of increasingly popular free-to-consumer Wi-Fi networks. Starbucks, known for their focus on the customer experience and their free-to-consumer Wi-Fi, recently named Boingo the exclusive advertising and sponsorship provider for their in-store Wi-Fi and Starbucks Digital Network for their 7,000 company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada. Continue reading

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Infographic: Mobile at Retail

The lines between bricks and clicks are blurring as shoppers rely on smartphones to make informed buying decisions. Find out how mobile devices are changing the way we shop. Continue reading

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Holiday shoppers put their mobile devices to work when shopping in-store over the Black Friday weekend, and utilized retail Wi-Fi networks to use native apps, price compare and scan QR codes to purchase items through retail websites. Wi-Fi usage on Boingo’s mall Wi-Fi networks was up more than 185% on Black Friday, and up over 80% throughout the holiday shopping weekend. Continue reading

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Headed to City by the Bay for WBA Wi-Fi Congress and Industry Awards (Hope We Win!)

The Wireless Broadband Alliance is hosting its Wi-Fi Global Congress next week in San Francisco (11/5-8), and we’ll be sending our own contingent up to represent. Not only because we’re on the short list for two industry awards (see more below), but also because as the largest carrier-grade Wi-Fi industry event in the world, it’s an essential forum to establish and maintain the global Wi-Fi relationships that have made Boingo what it is. Continue reading

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Boingo-Sponsored Ironman Athlete wins 70.3 World Championship

Boingo has sponsored Cherie Gruenfeld, world-class Ironman athlete, for several years, mostly because of the phenomenal work she does through Exceeding Expectations, her non-profit organization that uses sports to help at-risk kids set and achieve goals to move their lives in a healthy, positive direction. She also writes the occasional blog post for us about keeping fit and healthy on the road or setting goals throughout your life.

But once in a while, we get to hold up Cherie for her own spectacular achievements. This weekend, Cherie competed in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Las Vegas and ran away with her division, significantly outpacing her competition. Continue reading

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Data Demand Overwhelming Networks; Creative Solutions Abound

Today’s consumer has an insatiable demand for the Internet, and with mobile carriers moving to more restrictive (and more expensive) data plans, those consumers are turning to Wi-Fi to support their habit. Continue reading