Boingo Media’s Secret Sauce Ingredient Revealed



Recently ad tech company Brightroll produced their annual Agency Survey, to highlight current advertising trends. You know what’s awesome? Boingo Media, the world’s largest Wi-Fi advertising platform, is in lock-step with several of the survey’s key takeaways:

Digital video is gaining in popularity. In the three years since Brightroll began tracking video ad placement requests, the firm has seen an uptick of nearly 89% for requests for video. Advertisers clearly want more video, and Boingo Media delivers. We provide brands a large-format video in a full-screen, 100% share of voice that fully engages target audiences.

Well, sure, you say…lots of publishers do that. But here’s where our “secret sauce” kicks in: unlike most sites, Boingo is a captive portal. That means a consumer literally can’t access the Internet without watching a sponsored message first, so engagement is through the roof. In an industry worried about viewability, ours is unmatched.

Why the increase in video ads? Agencies are turning to online video from other formats because they find it to be an effective way to convey their brand message. And a whopping 72% of the survey’s respondents say that digital video is as effective or more effective than TV. Unlike TV where consumers can fast-forward through commercials or change the channel, Boingo Media’s video offering provides a captive, fully engaging experience to consumers, which results in high retention rates and brand recognition.

Completed views matter most. When identifying the most important success metrics for digital campaigns, respondents’ top three most important metrics were completed views, conversion, and brand lift. Again, Boingo Media delivers. Viewability is 100%. Completion rates are 100%. Campaigns have seen over 55% brand recognition, 45% recall, and 25% favorability ratings.

Mobile and tablet spending are poised for growth. 60% of advertisers are increasing their digital spend on video for mobile and a hefty 79% are likely to dedicate ad dollars for tablet video. With mobile video ad spend on the rise, Boingo Media reaches 1 billion passengers on any device, any platform, at more than 50% of the top airports (ranked by passenger traffic) in North America — where nearly all travelers carry at least one smartphone, a tablet, or laptop. In fact, 18% of travelers carry all three.

So what are some of the key takeaways? Advertisers intend to spend more money on more video, and we have the captive portal to deliver it! Within the digital advertising landscape where the current hot topic is video, Boingo Media is poised to drive success with your brand.

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Andrew is Boingo Media’s marketing manager. When not admiring his spastic, one-eyed, roller derby she-cat Beazles, Andrew spends much of his free time training for fun runs, perfecting his guacamole recipe and pining for cupcakes.
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