Google + Starbucks is a Wi-Fi Win-Win


This morning, Google’s blog announced the best thing to happen to coffee lovers since the invention of Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Google will be bringing faster free Wi-Fi to Starbucks’ company-owned locations throughout the U.S. over the next 18 months, delivering 10x faster speeds at every location, and up to 100x faster speeds in locations where Google Fiber is available. Google and Starbucks also announced that they will collaborate on a next generation Starbucks Digital Network in the future.Starbucks SDN_Mobile

This is a big win for our friends at Google, and marks a significant milestone in their ongoing investment in consumer connectivity.

But this represents an even bigger win for consumers.  As Google noted in their blog post, Starbucks has long been a community hub, where people gather with friends and family, students hunker down to study, and millions get connected to their favorite news and entertainment via the Starbucks Digital Network and Starbucks Wi-Fi every week.

Faster Wi-Fi connectivity will help Starbucks customers get connected to the world and their online communities instantly, and will improve the already stellar Starbucks customer experience, turning the coffee shops into true community centers.

As Starbucks’ exclusive advertising and sponsorship provider for in-store Wi-Fi and the Starbucks Digital Network, the Boingo Media team looks forward to working with Google once again to deliver a value-added Wi-Fi experience.

The faster Wi-Fi speeds provided by Google – and insanely fast speeds provided in Google Fiber markets – will no doubt make Starbucks even more of a consumer destination than it is today, increasing the addressable audience for sponsorships and advertising, while providing Starbucks customers with a great user experience.

Three cheers for faster Wi-Fi at Starbucks, and three cheers for Google!

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