Introducing Boingo Wi-Finder for Windows 8

If you’ve recently made the switch to Windows 8 on your laptop, ultrabook, and/or  tablet, we’ve got your Wi-Fi needs covered with our latest Boingo Wi-Finder release!
We hope you’ll enjoy our sleek new design that embraces the “metro-style” look and feel as well as a few new features we’ve included to sweeten the Boingo experience on Windows 8 devices.

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 5.45.44 PM

Immersive Maps. Enjoy a full-screen map experience that allows you to zoom in to view specific hotspots and zoom out to see a hotspot “heat map” that shows you cities with lots of Boingo locations.

Simplified Connection Experience. Just select “Use Boingo Wi-Fi Here!” in your Wi-Fi network list when you’re at a Boingo flagship hotspot. We’ve consolidated a few of our SSIDs into one Wi-Fi profile so that it’s easy to locate the right network.

Automatic Notifications When a Boingo Hotspot is Nearby. Whenever you’re in a Boingo hotspot or supported free hotspots, you’ll see a toast notification that announces: “Boingo Wi-Fi available here!” Just tap the notification to launch the app and connect.

Auto-Login.  Sit back and enjoy a seamless Wi-Fi connection experience with our auto-login feature! Just enable “Auto-Login” in the Settings charm to automatically log in at Boingo hotspots and supported free locations.

Search Hotspots by Keywords. Search for Boingo hotspots using the Windows 8 Search charm! Just plug in your search term and select Boingo Wi-Finder in the resulting app list.

Get In-App Driving Directions. Navigate to the nearest Boingo hotspot in a snap with our in-app driving directions. Just tap the arrow in the hotspot details and voilà – driving instructions at your fingertips.

Take the latest Boingo Wi-Finder release for a spin and let us know what you think. We love hearing your feedback!

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2 Responses to Introducing Boingo Wi-Finder for Windows 8

  1. Francisco says:


    The Boingo App is not at the windows 8 Store :-(

  2. Christian says:

    Francisco — the link at the bottom of the article points directly to the app.