Wearable Tech: Are Smart Watches a Game Changer?


From Star Trek to Dick Tracy to Inspector Gadget, we’ve been dreaming of the day sleek, wearable technology becomes part of everyday life.  Now, with the advent of the “smart watch,” anyone with $150 to spare can sport this handy gadget on his or her wrist to read incoming messages, work towards fitness goals, and more.

It’s about time. Here’s why we think smart watches are here to stay.

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Win: It’s literally a gadget you can wear. No need to worry about fishing for your phone, unlocking your screen, and scrolling through notifications to see if you missed something important. The clunky process we just described is now simplified to a 2-second glance. We’re all about that. 


Of course, by virtue of the fact that smart watches like Pebble or Sony SmartWatch are wearable, tasks like reading emails, scanning text messages, and skipping “Call Me Maybe” on your playlist are super convenient.  We also believe that this at-a-glance approach to social tech will help users be less tethered to smartphones and more present in the moment.


Smart watches like the Pebble are waterproof, which make them a prime candidate for fitness apps.  In fact, Pebble has discussed developing apps for runners, bikers, and golfers. So, stay tuned. We’re also wondering what Apple, known for their durable hardware, has up their sleeve – rumor has it that they’re also developing a smart watch.

For more information, we encourage you to read Walt Mossberg’s thorough review of Pebble.

What do you think? Smart watches: passing fad or must-have gadget?

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