Jingle All The Way To Happy Holiday Traveling: A Boingo Employee Survey


It’s no secret that many of us at Boingo travel frequently. So frequently, in fact, that we’ve learned a thing or two about boarding planes efficiently, finding the best ground transportation, and how to get through security as painlessly as possible. Holiday travel is no exception! We asked our savvy travelers at Boingo to share their wisdom about traveling with comfort and joy during the holiday season.

Stress-free family travel is all about keeping the little ones happy, and holiday travel is no exception:

  1. Comfy Kids – This means stretchy pants, shoes that slip on and off easily and a light-weight jacket/sweater…which can also double as a pillow for nap-time.
  2. Satiated Stomachs – Pack plenty of food and drinks. Several individualized snack bags for each child packed in an easy-to-reach carry-on bag is a must!  Keep the carry-on under your seat in case your little one gets the munchies while taxiing. Non- or lightly-salted nuts or trail mix is the best as they will keep tummies full longer than carb-based snacks like chips or crackers. Don’t forget the anti-bacterial wipes to clean their hands and tray tables!
  3. Battle Boredom – An entertained child is a happy child!  Bring along plenty of activities to keep those little minds stimulated and those bottoms in the seats.  Our family favorites include crayons and coloring/activity books (light-weight!) and a portable DVD player (many good ones for under $100…well worth it!).

— Joe DeStasio, manager of business development

Holiday travel can be full of unexpected changes due to weather, heavy crowds and other circumstances.  I like to follow the airport and my favorite airlines on Twitter to receive real-time communications that can help me along the way.

— George Metalsky, director of advertising client services

Seatguru helps identify the ideal seat(s) on your flight by displaying seat maps (floor plan of each plane type) and reviews of which seats are optimal and which ones to be “aware of.”  Try also SeatExpert and SeatPlans as they may be more up-to-date.

— Saba Nosrati, web engineer

 Parents with small kids (infants and toddlers) should always consider getting travel insurance when flying. When my young kids came down with a fever the day we were supposed to get on a plane, it was really helpful to be able to cancel our trip easily.

— Sara Radhakrishnan, manager of quality assurance

Tip #1: If you’re staying at a hotel and you left your cell phone charger at home, ask the front desk if you can borrow one in their lost and found. Most times, they’ll let you keep it! 

Tip #2: If you book a flight and hate the seat you have assigned, when you go to the airport to check in, you can change it at the automated ticket machines (if other seats are available), or just ask a ticket agent! 

Tip #3: If you fly often, rack up frequent flier miles with one airline at a time to achieve their preferred status. Once you’ve achieved that, they let you check one bag for free along with other perks. 

— Arica Smith, network engineer

Invest in Amazon Prime to send gifts to friends and family ahead of your trip! I travel across the country every year during the holidays and need every square inch of my luggage space. Plus, it’s a big money and stress saver (no scrambling to squeeze gifts into your suitcase).

— Lauren Sanyal, manager of corporate communications, consumers

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