Better, Faster, Stronger: Apple Unveils New iPad Mini and More!


Apple announced a whole host of new and updated products this morning — designed to educate, entertain, and delight iOS and Mac OS X users. For many, the most exciting news is the much talked-about and anticipated iPad Mini!

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Here’s the skinny on each of today’s product announcements:

iPad Mini

  • 7.85” screen — 2/3 the size of the full-size iPad
  • Weighs 0.68 pounds – half as much as the full-size iPad
  • Currently available in Wi-Fi only — order yours beginning Oct. 26th
  • Costs $329 

Our thoughts:  Love the smaller form factor and the enhancements Apple has made to put a more portable tablet in market. Hefty price point – twice as much as the Kindle Fire ($159) or Nexus 7 ($199).


  • 80% thinner than previous generation
  • 8 pounds lighter than previous generation
  • Add on “Fusion Drive”, which combines a traditional hard drive with flash storage (this will make your machine start faster)
  • 21.5” screen model starts at $1299 – ships in November
  • 27” screen model starts at $1799 – ships in December

Our thoughts: This is a really, really nice looking desktop. Love the idea of adding on flash storage for a zippier machine!

Mac Mini

  • New processors
  • Updated memory configurations
  • $599 for base unit – available now

Our thoughts: Glad to see a new Mac Mini model. Great little computer that packs a lot of punch and doesn’t take over valuable desk space. Nice as a media server!

13” Retina Display Macbook Pro

  • Smallest Macbook Pro, plus a 13” retina display
  • 30% thinner than previous model
  • Weighs a pound less than previous model
  • 7  hours of battery life
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Begins at $1699 (Non-retina display begins at $1199) 

Our thoughts: Small form factor, powerful hardware, and an amazing display makes this our ideal laptop, for sure! The price point is a little high, but we’d love to check it out in person.

What do you think? Are any of these new products on your must-buy list? 

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