What’s in Your Bag? Check out CNET’s Smartphone Accessory Guide for Globetrotters

If you’re a frequent traveler like most of the Boingo team, you probably have a litany of gadgets and accessories that help you travel smart, commute efficiently, and keep you plugged in.

We love this guide that CNET put together, and we’re honored by their shout-out to Boingo Wi-Finder, our award-winning app that connects you to Wi-Fi at 500,000+ Boingo hotspots and thousands of free locations worldwide. Plus, our iOS version includes FREE Boingo Security VPN, which keeps your data safe and sound by encrypting your connection over open Wi-Fi networks.

Among the clever accessories they recommend are the Gerber Steady Tool (our fave!) and Smapho gel (we’re intrigued). But don’t take our word for it.  Read the full article here.

What’s your favorite travel accessory? Happy travels, friends!

 (Photo Credit: Bose)

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Hopping John is a seasoned world traveler, gallivanting across the globe as he moves from adventure to adventure. Along for the ride are a wide array of smartphones, tablets, laptops, handheld game consoles and Wi-Fi enabled cameras — every one of them configured for Boingo access. There's no hotspot too far to visit, as he continues his quest for total Wi-Fi consciousness. Gunga, gunga la-gunga.
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