Infographic: Mobile Data Demand

The growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices coupled with our insatiable appetites for bandwidth is driving mobile data consumption to new heights. This Boingo Infographic shares some interesting statistics on how we’re feasting on mobile data and delivers the dish on devices that are driving our need for bandwidth and speed.

Boingo Infographic

Find out why consumers are turning to Wi-Fi to satisfy their mobile data needs in my complementary post, “Data Demand Overwhelming Networks; Creative Solutions Abound.”

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About Christian

Christian Gunning -- Boingo's vice president of corporate communication -- has been with the company since its beginning in 2001. Always willing to regale you with stories of the early days when Wi-Fi was still called 802.11b and we had to explain how you could get the Internet without a wire, he's grown to love the new world where wireless Internet is expected.
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