Random Thoughts by Cherie


  • Always walk tall. It will carry over into everything else you do.
  • If you’re not paying attention to technique in every workout, you’re missing some of the benefit.
  • Olympian swimmers are not like you and me. I believe they’re aliens. No human can cover 50 meters that fast.
  • Always wear SPF.
  • If you have an injury that requires medical attention, find a doc who understands what you do and your passion for the sport. And then work with him and do exactly what s/he says.
  • You truly are what you eat.
  • Kids are natural runners. Watch and learn from them.
  • Would you put an Olympic slot on the line with a coin toss? Me neither.
  • It’s true-you need more recovery as you get older. Doesn’t follow that you need to make the workouts easier.
  • Sandbagging on your goals does not endear you with others. If you believe in your goals, commit to them and give everything you’ve got to accomplish them. If you fall short, you’ll still have done better than if you go into a race with hope as your only strategy.

About Cherie

Cherie Gruenfeld, Boingo's official butt-kicker, is an Ironman age group champion and world record holder. She is a grand masters triathlete — a sport in which she didn't even start competing in until her 40s — proving that top fitness is achievable at any age. She has raced in more than 25 Ironman triathlons, has 18 wins overall, and has won her age group at the Ironman World Championships a whopping 13 times. She's also an incredible fitness coach with great insights on goal setting and fitness on the road. Have a question for Cherie? Email her at askcherie@boingo.com. You can also learn more about her non-profit organization, Exceeding Expectations on Facebook.
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