Avoid Internet Blackout on Monday: Check Your DNS Server!

If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of folks affected by a damaging computer virus called DNS Changer, then you’ll be denied Internet access beginning Monday. The FBI discovered the destructive malware five years ago, arrested the culprits, and have tried to warn all affected users since.

The FBI’s emergency servers will but shut down this coming Monday, which will leave affected folks without Internet. However, as Douglas Adams would say, “Don’t panic.”

Checking your computer for DNS Changer is as easy as clicking this link: http://www.dns-ok.us.

If the resulting page is green, then you are A-OK! However, if it’s a red screen, then you may have this malware on your machine. Please see a technical professional to get advanced troubleshooting help. You may also try to wipe the malware or restore your machine to factory settings, but please remember to back up your files before you do.

For more information, including the FBI’s step-by-step guide to checking for the virus, please read the CNN Money article about the blackout.

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