Congrats to Cherie Gruenfeld on Her Latest Ironman 70.3 Win in Hawaii!

We’d like to extend hearty congratulations to our fitness guru, Cherie Gruenfeld, for once again winning her age group in the Ironman 70.3 race – this time in Honu, Hawaii!  In addition to being one of the toughest races in the biz (warm-up for the Ironman World Championships in October), she also braved some of the most brutal conditions ever seen at this race.

From “They’re going to be talking about this one for years, and not just about the extremes, but the contrasts. The winds were so strong that people were looking skyward half-expecting to see Dorothy and Auntie Em whirling around overhead. Top age group finisher Chris Hauth told the finish line crowd that at times he was pumping away with all he had and barely moving. You hear that kind of thing all the time in heavy wind conditions, but Chris was talking about the run, not the bike.”

Phew! Not only did Cherie persevere and finish the race, but she also won her age group by an hour and a half.  We’re impressed, proud and inspired.

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One Response to Congrats to Cherie Gruenfeld on Her Latest Ironman 70.3 Win in Hawaii!

  1. Brian says:

    Hooray for Cherie! Congrats!

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